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Strange problem with my MSN and internet

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  • Strange problem with my MSN and internet

    Setup: DSL Moden connected to a wireless router (Belkin) that manages the network. Three computers are in the LAN; two are WLAN of the three. The third PC is wired.

    The Problem: Whenever I try to log on to MSN 7.5, my router connection quits. The modem is still connected to the internet and you can access the internet, but only from the wired computer. The two wireless PCs lose touch with the modem whenever either one attempts to log on to MSN. AIM, Yahoo messenger, google messenger, etc work fine, Mozilla works fine, and every other interenetl application works without a hitch. Is this a problem with my router/setup or is this a MSN problem? I'm not much of an MSN user since I just downloaded it today and neither is my sister (who uses the other wireless computer) but I'd still like to make this work. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Its more likely the router, one of the ports MSn uses could be blocked, so therefore it will go "I dont want to have to deal with this" and disconnect.

    In my personal opinion and having to deal with small networks as well as large ones, return your wireless router and buy one by Linksys or D-Link.


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      Got a Belkin router myself over the weekend and had the same problem, also couldnt sign onto any secure sites e.g online banking. However a quick search on Google lead e to an app called DRtcp. Changed the TCP receive to 13600 and both MTU's to 1450 and it works a treat after a reboot!
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