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You know you're a redneck pilot when...

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  • You know you're a redneck pilot when...

    -You've retro fitted a gun rack in your Cessna 172

    -Your stall warning horn plays Dixie

    -You have tobacco stains on your empennage

    -You're wondering "what the heck is an empennage?"

    -You've ever called a female ATC controller "darlin"

    -You hangar your airplane at Kissimmee

    -You've ever referred to your horizontal stabilizer as "the tailgate"

    -Your runway, taxiway and tie-down spot are the same

    -You've ever hauled lumber in your airplane

    -Your A&P mechanic's name is "Bubba"

    -You converted your Cherokee to run on corn sqeezins (that's home-made liquor for all you city pilots)

    -Your chief pilot is from Cullman, Alabama

    -You think GPS stands for "Gators play Seminoles"

    -Your flight plan calls for a left turn at the hog pen

    -You have a Cessna 150 up on cement blocks in your front yard

    -Your multi-function display receives the Nashville Network

    -You keep a spare pack of Skoal in the airplane

    -Your bass boat motor has more horsepower than your airplane's engine

    -Your house and your hangar both have wheels

    -You secretly hope John Deere starts building airplanes

    -Your CFI lives in St. Cloud (just kidding Ryan)

    -You turn base-to-final over the Super Wal-Mart

    -You've ever fantasized of flying with Dolly Parton in your airplane

    -You've ever bought pilot supplies at a flea market

    -You've ever asked a bar-tender for a Nav Light

    -Your first solo cross-country was to Wachula

    -Your weight and balance calculations included 5 cases of Budweiser

    -You've ever tried to pick-up chicks at Oshkosh

    -Your "plotter" sports an ad for Tractor Supply

    -You fly a Rollscanardly (rolls down the runway and can hardly fly)

    -You have a confederate flag on your com antenna

    Sorry if it was posted before. Still funny

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    Your name is Jordan Duncan and you live in Louisville

    Sorry I had to

    Good stuff!


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      Originally posted by Crism
      Your name is Jordan Duncan and you live in Louisville


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          Hahahah, nice.

          Funny thing is, I can think of some people who have actually done some of this stuff.


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            Originally posted by pkonowrocki
            -You're wondering "what the heck is an empennage?"
            That's me...