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  • Spirit Airlines Spam

    Anyone else getting spam from this airline? I got an email today saying I had been subscribed to the mailing list; I've never heard of this airline, and having googled for info, its a North America based carrier. I am living in the UK, so even if they have cheap tickets, it's not much use to me
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    Nope never got spam like that from any airline


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      It sounds suspicous to me. I would delete those e-mail message without even replying. Once you reply, then they have your e-mail address, as well as who knows what else they are up to.
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        Sounds like some sort of phishing scheme.


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          ^^Probably exactly the case. Sounds similar to those fake Ebay and PayPal mail, where you supposedly have to change some personal data via replying to the mail. And once you do that, you're screwed.
          Might also be an option to contact Spirit directly via their website and inform them that somebody is sending Spam/Phishing Mails in their name.