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Bush&Co at it again: another anti-gay marriage amendment proposed

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    Originally posted by ptbodale
    The one great thing about a democracy is the ability to talk and agree or disagree. I would say my opinions on the issue when I was 18 would have been closer to ATLcentre, however as I have aged (I just turned 50) I find that people are people regardless of the sexual orientation.

    If you work with or have gay/lesbian people near you the only thing you should be concerned with is "are they doing their damn job". Gay and lesbians are the same as you, they have feelings, they have dreams, they have aspirations. Should they be happy as a hetrosexual couple...yes. I'm fortunate to work for a company that treats all employees and their partners equally. And I don't have a problem with that.

    The one comment is do disagree with is the one where ATLcentre states; " I (sic) don't believe sexual orientation is determined through genetics even though there is "scientific evidence" that supports it." Sexual orientation is not "learned", you are born that way. Maybe because I have employees reporting to me and friends who are gay I don't understand why there is a fuss. Stephen Harper (Canada's PM) needs a kick in the ass for bringing this issue back to Parliament. We don't go around taking rights away from people based on skin colour or religious background, why are we discriminating against poele who have a different sexual orientation?
    Wow, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should read this. It makes the most sense here.

    We are all people, black, white, brown, whatever were people. Thats what most of us have been tought since grade primary (kindergarden). Now, what everyone needs to be tought is strait, gay, lesbien, bisexual, and trans-gender are people too and they have to have rights, they were born here, so tney follow under the charter of rights (in Canada, not sure what it is in the US). All this no-gay marrige crap does is show hate. Hate then boild down to not being educated. If we were all educated on gay, lesbien, bisexual, and trans-gender people, we wouldent have as many problems as we do with this. I say there might be another movement in the US.


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      I can deal with the homosexuality thing, I just can't live with the fact some people prefer Airbus over Boeing. That just gives me the willys.
      Wayne Dippold


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        the only time I would be against gay marriage is if it was manditory. Until then, it doesn't affect me in any way, shape, or form. If that makes people happy, let 'em do it. Can someone who is against gay marriage, please tell me how two people of the same gender being married affects them at all?


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          Originally posted by screaming_emu
          Can someone who is against gay marriage, please tell me how two people of the same gender being married affects them at all?
          Thats my main question in this whole issue. As I said in my last post, if I am unaffected when a gay couple is married a few miles away in San Francisco, how is someone affected all the way on the other side of the country by it?


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            Originally posted by ATLcenter
            Yes, but isn't this stuff dumbing down America?

            Originally posted by ATLcenter
            I do wish the average American was more intelligent.

            Originally posted by Top_Gun
            I can mind my own business, but like I mentioned early, stop trying to shove it down my throat with the Gay Pride crap everywhere....

            If I put a "Straight" sticker on my car I'd get crap for it, but got forbid we have to see all the rainbow stickers.
            But as you already know, that's the way of our world though:
            'The Majority', in any aspect, can never show "pride" in anything, lest they be viewed as oppressors.

            E.g.: if you're an NAACP member, you're a cultural activist.... but if you're an NAAWP member, you're a racist.

            Same sh!t, different bull.

            That's an aspect of Western society which really has no specific tie to this subject per se.

            Originally posted by ACman
            All this no-gay marrige crap does is show hate.
            See, my biggest problem with that bill was that its creators (though interestingly enough, not its supporters) refused to reveal its true face... which was specifically to outlaw any possibility of gay marriage.

            Don't call it some bullcrap "marriage protection".... because if THAT was TRULY their intent (as has been mentioned here earlier), then they'd first outlaw divorce, which destroys MILLIONS more marriages than any homos ever have or will!
            Us, lighting a living horse on fire:

            Check it out!