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  • I Love Nikon!

    And here's why...

    Some of you know that I have had some problems with my D70. I bought mine in May 2004 and took over 13,000 photos with it over 2 years. During my ownership period I had to send it in to be repiared no less than 3 times, and twice for the same problem with the lens mount. They have repaired it every time free of charge, even though the camera was out of warranty.

    The third and most recent time I included a letter:

    Dear Nikon Technician, My D70 camera is now visiting your shop for the third time. Once again, the aperture is flashing f- - when I turn the camera on, even with a lens attached. The reset button is not fixing this error. I have shipped my camera to you once before for this same problem just a couple months ago. I would like you to consider replacing the body, being this is the third problem I have encountered. To me it means there is something fundamentally wrong with this particular body. Im sure the technicians at your facility are very capable to fix this problem. However, I use my camera on a weekly basis, and I cannot afford to not have access to my camera and sending this to you repeatedly. I have a 3-week old daughter at home who I photograph frequently.
    After 3 weeks without my camera, I finally saw a box on my doorstep today. They not only fixed my D70, they REPLACED it with a D70S!!! This is exactly what I had hoped they would do and I'm totally thrilled to have a new and even better camera. Nikon will continue to have my respect and business for years to come.
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    In the 2 years 8 months I've had a Canon I've never had to send it in for repairs.

    That aside, that's pretty chill Paul.


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      Thats pretty awesome. Paul !

      Must have been pretty boring to not having the camera around. Good thing you got it back, replaced and better too. Congrats mate !
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        That sir, is good customer service. Speaking of, my 20D is in the shop for the first time since I got it back in March, busted shutter. Funny thing is, I was on a full battery charge while cleaning the sensor, and for no apparant reason the camera switched off (like the switch sprung to the "off" position), closing the shutter on my pec-pad.

        But at least they're doing it under warranty so it's all good.


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          Whats a pec-pad ?
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            Speaking of service I have to commend Canon's service. I sent my 100-400mm in because the tension ring seized and in exactly one weeks time the lens was at my door step working perfectly.


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              Originally posted by MaxPower
              Whats a pec-pad ?
              it's a non-abrasive wipe that's good for wiping emulsions/sensors.


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                as a Nikon owner, that's very nice to hear.

                Be sure to send them a huge Thank You letter, as someone that does CS for work, it's great to hear a Thank You between all the negative comments


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                  Nikon's after sales service is top notch. Saying that, in the 21 months I've had my D70 I haven't had to have it, or my lenses repaired or serviced. Im approaching 16,000 pictures and it's still as good as it ever was.

                  Have fun with your new D70s and I hope you don't have to send this one back at all.

                  Oh, and I doubt, if you do have problems, that they will replace it with a D200

                  Still, dream on!