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reversed "fatism" (Denmark is going insane)

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  • reversed "fatism" (Denmark is going insane)

    I like to consider myself "average" built. Not fat, but not too skinny either.

    Well, you're not allowed to comment if you think someone is big (fat), but if you think someone is too skinny, it's suddenly alright to express your opinion, no matter how negative it is!

    I took my cat to the vet the other day as he had an abcess on his rump. I know the vet quite well (I do volunteer work at the clinic every now and then), but she hadn't seen me for a while. Well, she treated the cat, and then went on to a normal conversation, which went something like this:

    HER: You've lost a lot of weight, haven't you?
    ME: Around 10 kilos since you saw me last time.
    HER: Don't you think it's about to get out of hand?
    ME: I don't really do anything. I just keep losing weight.
    HER: Well, I think it's too much. You haven't gone anorexic have you?!

    She was genuinely concerned... which is ok- but I'm NOT looking like an anorexic (some JP'ers can confirm this as they've seen me recently), and I simply don't get where these comments are coming from.

    That same day at the petshop (I know the owner very well too), the owner had a similar reaction, but put it in a nicer way; "you shouldn't lose more weight. I think it's about to be too much".

    On the street, I get comments like "yeah, you need that!" if I buy an icecream...

    I'm not bothered by their comments (heck, they're only concerned), but I am in NO WAY anorexia-skinny- not at all, so the comments really took me aback!

    Is the world turning its attention towards skinnyness instead of obesity or is it just denmark that's going out of hand? Have you had similar reactions, and how do you "cope with them"?

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    Now its been two months ago since our trip to AMS. From that time I dont think you look any skinny or anything. Okey this is not the best photo to show it , but still have a look at this photo.

    Janni, You look fine.

    Photo shot by........N/A
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      Who is the third, John? That's you, Janni, and who else?


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        Originally posted by Star Alliance
        Who is the third, John? That's you, Janni, and who else?
        Thats our jetphotos fellow spotter : Petertenthije

        This is us in action again ! Same left to right ...!

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          Tell them to mind their own business.


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            Look, I don't mind- it's quite flattering as I've certainly never considered myself skinny

            I guess this is a better picture (taken at the meet in CPH back in May- PLEASE excuse the atire ):


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              Man, you must have some weird standards in Denmark. If you are being considered anorexic, I wonder what people would call those truely anorexic models in Milan (probably Walking Skeletons).

              Or perhaps it's just that Danish in general are overweight and everybody with a BMI under 30 is being considered anorexic .