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  • Beauty Contest!

    OK, this is pathetic, I admit. But my students (I'm a teacher) hava a chance to win 5 PC's, a year's supply of free internet, and an 8000Euro party. All that has to happen is that their teacher (me) has to win a beauty contest.
    A radio station here has started a beauty contest for teachers, and my students entered my picture (without telling me BTW). I found out about it a few days ago, when a colleague of mine told me. The picture is from a Grad party that I was invited to, a few weeks back.
    Yes, it may not be the most breathtaking photo around, but I've decided to support my students (after they begged and begged to keep the photo entered in the contest) and go for the grand prize. Since I'm not going to win on account of my looks, I have decided to ask the help of the people in this forum.

    All you have to do is click on the link, and click on the word "voten" beside the picture. Try not to laugh at the picture.
    You can vote once a day per IP address until Monday, July 14th. The more votes the better the chances for my students. Man do I feel pathetic asking people to vote for me, but what the heck!

    BTW, if the page doesn't open at first, maybe try again later cause the site has increased it's volume tenfold since the begining of the contest. Again you can vote up to once a day.

    Thanks a million! (I'll let you know how it turns out!)

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    Just voted for you, good luck!
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      Thank you!!


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        Thank you!!


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          I voted for you, but you got some pretty stiff competition Especially some of those women teachers :P



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            Hi Chris,

            I voted for you I wish you very good luck!
            Abbas Ali

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              I voted for this guy:

              Just kidding... I voted for you Chris... but some of those teachers don't look too bright.


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                I voted for this dude.


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                  That's way too funny because the first picture you posted is of a colleague of mine at my school!! In fact, it was one of MY students who entered his picture in the contest!! I was sworn to secrecy by the student. I think it's funny that that particular pic is the one you posted first!!

                  All in all there's some funny looking people in there (I might just include myself as well). But there are a few good looking chicks in there as well.

                  That contest is causing quite the stir here in central Germany. Pretty much everyone is talking about it, and seeing that it's being held by the biggest radio station in the region, just fuels the fire!

                  Thanks guys!


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                    Yeah...if we did that with British teachers they'd all have to hide their teeth...



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                      You have one more vote towards winning.


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                        Well bud, you got my vote to add in...will try to remember to vote other days too...Good Luck!!

                        you know if my teachers had looked anything like some of the ones in that contest I may have actually paid attention in class and done better!!


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                          Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


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                            Ok, just to let you all know, I didn't win the "Germany's most beautiful teacher" contest. Oh well, guess I'm just damn ugly! Thanks for voting anyhow!!

                            I ended up throwing a big year-end/birthday party for my students anyhow. About 110 peole came and partied at the log cabing we rented till the sun came up!


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                              We're all gutted. Were you close to winning?
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