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After and Before shots of WW2 places.

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  • After and Before shots of WW2 places.

    Originally posted by Youtube_azazel87
    This is a collection of pictures of buildings and places in Europe today and what they looked like during the war. This includes pictures of soldiers, cities, and battles throughout Europe.
    Im speechless. This video is probably the one what makes me think what if Hitler didnt excist, Would everybody had a better life today ? What made this man hate the jewish this much...

    I like how almost everything is changed in that video clip.

    Please enjoy.

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    That was very well done. I'm surprised how little has changed. In the first video, there was a building with a painting of Jesus on the Cross. Same painting was there in the 1940s. I'm sure they've repainted it, but still...

    We don't know for sure if the world would be better if Hitler didn't exist. So many things just teemed out of his actions. Would there be an Israel today? Would WWII have even happened? Would FDR be a little-known US President up there with Grover Cleveland? Would Britain still have colonies around the globe? Hitler was evil, and I pray the world learns from his actions. But when I read about Darfur, the Killing Fields of Cambodia and so on, I wonder whether it is man's nature to be a vindictive tyrant. What happened to the "We'll never forget" business that the world was left with in 1945?

    Europe definitely looks a lot better without the short Nazi though!


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      I went to Warsaw and Munich in 1996 and there were many street vendors selling post cards with before & after bombing photos. It's amazing the destruction that was done.

      Aside from Hitler, Japan was still plotting to attack US interests in the Pacific. So while it may not have been a truely "World War" in that case, the FDR's response to the Pearl Harbor attack is one of the things for which he is best-known.
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        That's just scarry. I'm from Warsaw and what i can say is that the whole downtown and surroundings were destroyed during WWII as Hitler wnated to 'remove" Warsaw from the we are trying to build a "normal' downtown but we left most of the buildings fthat suffered war for future to show how "scarry" it was. sad movie


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          Let's pray for a better world.

          I wished the killings in Iraq would stop. Both innocents and soldiers. The fight between Isreal and Palestina. Im not up to date where all other "fights" is occuring right now.

          Lets start with worldwide peace demos or somethin ?
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