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Serious bus crash in Hong Kong today.....

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  • Serious bus crash in Hong Kong today.....

    This morning in Hong Kong a bus and a Container truck had a collision on one of Hong Kongs major highways, this part of the highway is elevated about 100 meters on the side of a hill. The KMB double deck bus was pushed into the safety barrier which did nothing and the bus fell about 100 meters into rocks on the hillside.

    About 22 people have been killed and many more are in a serious condition.

    This was the bus after it was lifted back onto the highway.

    I'm just thinking of the many people that had thier lives destroyed this morning due to the stupid driving of the container truck driver (Who has been arrested).

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    Well apparently the railings did do something, as the bus nearly stopped. Witnesses say the bus hung off the edge for a second or two before tipping over and falling over the edge. Sad indeed.

    However when you have 15 tonne buses travelling at 80kmh, there's not much any barrier can do for you.
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      Van Hoolio's Photos


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        It should be 21 people being killed.


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          That's tragic news.

          Blamed worst truck driver!


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            Sad indeed...I also heard yesterday that a ferry from Bangladesh capsized and killed about 300-500 people.

            (Side note: Hey Paul and Colin, this thread reminds me of the project airbus forums,good to see you here)
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              My paper said 22 dead. Very sad.


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                Yes, it should be 21 dead.

                As for the crane lifting the bus thats the largest road crane I've ever seen. It makes the bus look like a toy.