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Why Are FlyerTalkers So Anal??

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  • Why Are FlyerTalkers So Anal??

    Yes, anal.

    I've been reading FlyerTalk for a few months now and I must say that they must be the most anal people on the planet. I would hate to have to deal with any of them... they complain about everything.

    Some Highlights:

    > United Airlines Is Cheap, No Menus On California Flights
    > Continental Sucks, No Doritos In The Presidents Club
    > American Sucks, Didn't Give A Free Upgrade
    > American Uses 1 Ply Toilet Paper

    Not to mention the so apparent money flaunting on that website. One guy said that since Northwest would not give him three seats confirmed together he was going to charter a jet from now on.

    Sorry... end of rant.

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    Nah.... at least they behave like mature adults. I've seen worse from people from people on certain other sites.


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      FlyerTalk is populated by the kind of people that verbally berate flight crew and get violently angry if they have a middle seat. People who think that since they fly 200k miles a year, they have a right to demand everything and treat people below them like dog crap.