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    Okay, if you had read my recent thread about life not being worth it, you'll know that things are not running too well currently, and as a result I'm looking for one or more new jobs to earn my keep and avoid standing on the streets. On the positive side, many opportunities arose, but most were killed asap because the job required a specific license, and it's really starting to annoy the hell out of me:
    A friend who runs a security service is in need of additional doormen, and me being somebody with a rather big body and the overall look of a doorman, thought I'd apply because the work times would have been ideal and pay would be good. But no, no can do, because I don't have a license to be a doorman, so no chance to take the job.
    Next thing, another friend who owns a bowling alley is short of staff because most are off to vacation, so I asked if I could help out there. Again, good times and good pay, but also again, shot down. And why? Because I currently work on a 400/month basis, and if I were to take a second low-income job, I'd have to pay full taxes on everything I make, and as a result with two jobs would have less money than with 1 job. Sounds pretty logical, right?
    Not to mention jobs that require driving. It's not as easy as in the US, where your regular drivers license covers all vehicles of up to 26,001lbs (at least in Florida). No, on the contrary, in Germany, up to that weight we have 3 different classes of drivers licenses, one being the regular for normal cars, and then 2 additional ones for smaller trucks, which differ in that one license is just for regular trucks, and the other is required if you also want to put a trailer on your truck.
    Seriously, I'm trying my best to find a new job, but really, all this bureaucratic bullsh!t is really taking my spirits away and destroying my hopes.

    Anyone care to share other nightmare stories from personal experience with over-bureaucracy?