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What majot should I choose?

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    Originally posted by screaming_emu
    In that case let me rephrase

    I think not that anyone this question answer can but you.

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    I vote for Astro engineering... so much cooler


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      Hey Scram.

      I hope you will find out what you want. Disregarding the opinions at this thread,find out what you really what. Given by the two options you want to do. Talk to someone who is in the AE or CS business.

      So my vote wont be anything but neutral on this one. Good luck Scram
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        Just to let you know, Aeronautical Engineering you'll find more then Astro engin. U of M has a pretty good Aero program for engineering. But thats the only good thing that I will say of U of M (University of Minnesota)

        With that said, F the Gophers, go Sioux


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          I was majoring in Aviation MGMT, but If I transfer to UMBC which is where I am looking at, I will be switching to Computer Science. I think that degrees is less restrictive, pays more, and you CAN always get a job in aviation with a degree.

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            Well maybe it should be English, since you can't ever spell Major right haha...j/k
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              Firstly, I voted AE purely out of bias.

              Secondly, I was in your same predicament two months ago, but I was struggling between Aerospace Engineering and Computer Engineering. I think I started a thread on it too! I have always wanted to take AE, and after talking to the AE department at my college, I decided to go with it. In the end, it comes down to what you want for yourself. How much work are you willing to put in? Do you enjoy math or programming or both? If you are really stuck, talk to the academic advisor or head of department for both schools- they are really good at giving broad overviews of the subject.

              Remember though: the thing about the aerospace industry is that you don't need an AE degree to do something in aerospace. I know Mechanical Eng. grads who work for GE designing jet engines. And every company needs IT people, so even with a CompSci or CompEng degree, you can work in Everett or Toulouse or anywhere in between.

              Whatever you do, don't flip a coin or let someone else decide for you!


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                Thanks for the input, all! I think I am starting to lean towards Computer Science. I should have pointed out that this was not also about choosing a career, rather, just a major as I stated. I have already decided to fly professionally and hope to eventually get involved in the emerging civilian space launch business hopefully in a flying position but more likely in the techincal or business fields (at least until people start taking this industry more seriously rather than viewing it as a bunch of rocket happy just out of college geeks ). I plan on doing some volunteer work abroad once out of college (for the short term) and maybe try to fly for the nonprofit AirServ International. I guess the short answer is I'd like to fly professionally