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When do you head to school/start school?

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  • When do you head to school/start school?

    Hey all just seeing when everyone has to be at school and when you start it.

    As for me I head back to the Fine Institution of The University Of North Dakota on August 14th, I have to be there at 10AM on the 16th since I'm doing some activities. Then School starts on August 22nd for me, and for those at my school who have classes after 4pm, they start on Monday the 21st. My Classes include:

    College Algebra 103
    College German 101
    Money and Banking 303
    Information Systems 117
    Accounting 200 (blah, going to be hell)

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    The 28th of August, taking Avionics Maintenance at Centennial College


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      August 28th...UGH

      AP Calculus - I got a BAD teacher last year so I don't know if I'll be able to keep up

      Physics Honors II - Gotta have it

      AP Psychology - I can't wait for this class

      Modern European History - Gross...but I got a nice teacher

      Geology/Meteorology - 2nd semester so for 1st I get free periods!

      English 12 - In a way looking forward to it just for the teacher...I hear he's really good...otherwise, I hate English with a passion


      CAP II - The required fudge-me-in-my-ass-this-class-is-gay religion class. I took CAP (Christian action program) because it's a BS class haha. Plus you go outside of school for class (I go help kids at an elementary school so its kinda fun...better than talkin to old people).


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        September 6th, 1100 to 1200. Then Sept 7 is the first full day.


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          Originally posted by ACman
          September 6th, 1100 to 1200. Then Sept 7 is the first full day.
          Same here. Last year of high school !!! Wohooo


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            04 September, 2007
            I'm on 16 month internship


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              September 5th 820am-240pm Mon-Fri.


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                Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                Same here. Last year of high school !!! Wohooo
                Same here, amen to that! haha.

                I start back August 1st and we go for about 2 hours

                Then August 2nd is the first full day.

                These are my classes that I can remember haha

                Ap Calculus
                AP english 4
                gym-weight lifting and such
                criminal justice 2
                consumer economics
                us government

                thats about all i can remember since i picked my classes almost 3 months ago ahha.
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                  Classes start on Wed. 8/30 for me. I'm probably going to move back into the dorms on 8/27 or something just so I can hang out in my kickass room.

                  All you little HS seniors here, I'm starting my second year of college and I'm technically in my 2nd semester as a sophmore, credit wise I'm a junior come December.


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                    Some time at the start of September I head to University. This will be my second post-secondary diploma.
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                      last year of highschool.. starts the 24th of august? I think im taking:

                      1) algebra 2

                      2) physics honors

                      3) government

                      4) P.E.

                      5) Independent Reading


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                        21st or 22nd i can't remember which exactly right now my first class is on, but I have to be up there the 15th for band.


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                          I can't believe how many people go back to school in August. I guess since we don't normally air condition our schools we don't go in August.


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                            Georgia Tech starts August 21, 2006:

                            Calculus I
                            General Chem
                            Computing for Engineers
                            English Lit and Composition
                            French I


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                              i am going to apply at Georgia Tech next month.. im desperatly hoping I get accepted because that is pretty much my dream school..