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When do you head to school/start school?

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    Senior year as well.

    Starting the last season next week the 31st of July.

    0900 - 1200hours

    Final Exams at October 2006. Will graduate at the end of Oct. Wooohooo. 2006.

    Hotel And Restaurant business in :

    * Gastronomy
    * Wine
    * Service
    * Hygiene requirement
    * Bar courses*
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      Originally posted by MaxPower
      * Bar courses*[/B]
      Is there a lab to that?


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        Originally posted by screaming_emu
        Is there a lab to that?
        Lab ? Uhm I wished.

        Bar Exam, My friend!

        Three *judges* in front of you as your bar-guests.
        They mention randomly 16 drinks (You have to know atleast 16 mixed drinks in your mind)
        They ask you to make them a easy one, a six-stuff drink and freestyle drink and you know the rest: Pina colada, Margarita, Tom Collins, Mojitos -*My fav* and so on.-

        ^^*2 Cencors and ur Teacher*
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          Originally posted by screaming_emu
          burnsie, I still dont understand why in the hell you're coming back here if you're not studying aviation anymore. If UND is your idea of fun you have issues.

          You know, some people choose a school because thats where they want to go, not because they were given go here or we wont pay I choose UND mainly because I wanted to go there, and yes I do like it there, I grew up in a town smaller then GFK, so I don't mind it.


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            Started yestday. My schedule is-
            AP World History
            Biology I PIB
            French I PIB
            Band I PIB
            AP Geometry
            English I PIB

            BTW- I got one of those hot Florida teachers :P
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              Get this:

              I start school on a FRIDAY.

              Friday the 25th. How STUPID is that...


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                This year is going to be interesting.

                I start AUgust 17th on a Thursday.

                I only have classes on tues and thurs, off mon-wed and fri which I will use them as working days.

                After x-mas I hope to switch and transfer to UMBC.

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                  I start my new school september 4th, with a new students thing on the 1st. I'll be going in as a sophomore(switched from my old highschool).


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                    August 28, starting college.


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                      September 6th, Sinclair Community College & Delta Connection Academy.

                      -Nav. Science I
                      -Orientation to Aviation
                      -2 Instrument Ground Schools
                      -Instrument flight lab

                      Originally posted by Greg
                      All you little HS seniors here, I'm starting my second year of college and I'm technically in my 2nd semester as a sophmore, credit wise I'm a junior come December.
                      Nice feeling being ahead, isn't it?

                      Did you do PSEO classes in HS? I took at least one all four years (racked up 43 credit hours) & I'm now a Freshman who's roughly a 2nd semester Sophomore thanks to that program.

                      I'd recommend PSEO to any of the HS students on here if the program's available to you.




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                        I started school last Monday

                        German III
                        Honors Political Systems
                        AP Music Theory
                        Wind Symphony
                        Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
                        English IV

                        For about another 4 hours I will be a senior and still 16.


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                          .. well... I've just been approved for permanent (disability) benefits, so I won't be working and/or studying for a while... hopefully I will in the future though, just not full time


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                            I'm back already. But this year I'm shooting for a 3.5 or better and I'm detirmined to restart my flight lessons by the fall.


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                              I started school Tuesday (the 22nd)

                              School starts at 7:35am...however I arrive around 6:50am in order to get a parking spot (I don't park in the lot, it's over 200 dollars so I park on the street)

                              Next Flights:

                              October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
                              October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW