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Computer nerds - A heat question

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  • Computer nerds - A heat question

    I took a look at my computers temps. I would like to know if these are high? I Have one fan cooling the computer, but I'm considering another. Can anyone that has a lot of computer knowledge let me know if another fan is needed?


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    Go visit if you need urgent answers for this There's geeks online 24/7 that supports the forums to cope with all the questions asked over there. Go ahead and post also your question there as well.

    Edit. The geeks over there had helped me with my previous computer problems, although big majority of them problems has been locating those bug-bastards. These geeks are good.
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      I don't quite know if it's necessary (does it shut down suddenly, is the inside clean, etc.) but fans are cheap so why risk damage to the hardware
      Improve the airflow through your system by having one fan low in the case blow air in and have one fan in the upper half of your case suck air out(preferably opposite of each other and with a similar size and air flow capability).
      That way you'll get a nice circulation going to cool everything down


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        I don't know much about this but i know my friends one sticks around 60 degrees. But i suppose that is system specific.


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          that is very high...should be around 20-30c at most.

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            Seems a little warm .. What is the room temperature?

            I get try to avoid over 45degrees under load..Which doesn't always happen

            That's after an hour of TR:Legend, and is watercooled. My CPU waterblock is a little screwy though, I don't think I applied the Artic Silver right :/

            (I went nVidia SLI btw:P)


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              No need to panic. 40-50C is normal.

              Add a second fan if you want but don't disrupt air flow as someone mentioned. Also operate your machine in a cool and "dust-free" room. And sure to air the dust outta your PC and make sure no cable(s) is disrupting the air flow.


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                Hey Cam, just open up your PC and vacume the heat sync. My friend Andrew has a G5, that bad boy has 24 fans, I was over at his houe the other day and it is shweeet.


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                  I sent an email to the local tech shop. And he said those temps were good for the weather we are having (30'C+). He recommended another fan ($11), so I put one in at the bottom.
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