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Anyone wants milk? Get it on Amazon!

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  • Anyone wants milk? Get it on Amazon!

    Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, only $3.99 +shipping.

    Don't forget to read all the user comments below. Looks like really good milk

    Never in my 47 years as a milk consumer have I ever been blessed with such a wonderful secretion. The cow this milk comes from must have been blessed, it's teet a veritable geyser of perfection.
    It was a quiet morning. The fog had risen to the height of the tree tops. The sun barely piercing through the eerie stillness of the forest where I found myself. I was in a daze for I hadn't remembered anything about how I got where I was or how I managed to survive. I know this now, it was August 2nd. My birthday. As I came to my senses I was astonished to find an empty gallon of Tuscan whole milk laying in a small puddle it created. This succulent liquid that it birthed onto this world. It was this same white liquid that I have come to call, "Gods Tears." Just calling it Milk wouldn't define it... Because of God's Tears, I am alive. Because of God's Tears, I am here.

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    Amazon surely should have seen this coming, why would you let people post comments on food.
    Tanner Johnson - Owner
    twenty53 Photography


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      I say if people have too much time, let them do this to entertain the rest of us