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    Aloges, wtf was that?!


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      Love your quote about the missing angel... Hilarious!



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        One of the greater episodes

        Another halarious moment...when The Simpsons went to Japan...

        *Homer sits in the crowd of a sumo wresteling match...eating a pretzil*

        *The sumo wresteler speads salt over the ring*

        Homer - Hey tubby, can you get some on my pretzil?

        Wresteler - The name tubby is an insult. My weight should not be a problem to you. Are you gonna finish that?

        Homer - Yes.

        Wresteler - *Attacks Homer and gets him in a headlock*

        Bart - Homer tag me. *Homer then tags Bart in*

        Bart - *Takes a chair and bashes it over the sumo wrestelers head.*

        I swear I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


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          From Bart the genius
          Bart: My turn, 'Kwyjibo' twenty three points, plus double word score, plus, sixty points for using all my letters, games over, I'm outta here!
          Homer: Wait a minute you little cheater! You're not going anywhere until you tell me what a kwyjibo is!
          Bart: Kwyjibo... big dumb balding North American ape.. with no chin.

          My favorite is Homer vs. The City of New York.


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            Can anyone get the exact quotes when homer is in the bar and says somehting along these lines:

            "And so there was this guy with an aweful name, Joeyjoejoe somthing."

            And this random man gets up and starts crying and leaves the bar and barney goes running after him telling him how his name is a good name.

            Also, I love the episode where the simpsons go skiing and Homer encounters Flanders on the of the best scenes in the simpsons!