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So what do you download most off Kazaa?

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  • So what do you download most off Kazaa?

    So what do you download most off of Kazaa?

    I download The simpsons mostly.[/img]

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    I download everything off Kazaa!


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      Nothing at all, I stay legal...

      If you want to hear music, buy a CD or turn on the radio...
      For video, buy or rent a tape or DVD or turn to the tele or a cinema.
      If you want software, buy it or use freeware.


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        not exactly KaZaA, but KaZaA Lite - let's say it's "tweaked"

        Last thing I downloaded was a movie in German, I'll still have to watch it some time. Before that, I got some music and ended up buying the CD on eBay - works pretty fine for me, that way I can check out if I really like the music before I shell out the money.


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          Hey Kevin, try Ad-Aware 6.0. You can download it for free. Gets rid of all the spyware in a quick ease.


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            Originally posted by aloges
            not exactly KaZaA, but KaZaA Lite - let's say it's "tweaked"
            I've heard about that. How did you get it??


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              Originally posted by SWA733Captain
              Originally posted by aloges
              not exactly KaZaA, but KaZaA Lite - let's say it's "tweaked"
              I've heard about that. How did you get it??
              Sheesh... All it takes is a Google search! You can download it here: I don't remember where I got it, but that site seems pretty trustworthy to me.

              You actually made me remember a conversation via the KaZaA IM thingy, some bloke asked me how I got Participation Level 1000, I explained that it had to do with KaZaA Lite, he asked where he could get it, I told him about it, until he seemed to be getting it, and then he said "you suck". Huh?


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                I've also got Kazaa lite and Imesh.
                I download mostly Music and sometimes videos.


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                  Jeroen, I download a few songs from an artist, and if I like them, I go buy the CD. You can tape songs from the radio too, this is just the new way of doing that IMO.
                  I don't download programs or too many movies.



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                    May not you Clovis, but most people use Kazaa to get everything and never buy a CD or DVD (apart from blanks to burn their own CDs).
                    Many then go to record stores and steal the empty cases so they can have the original booklets even.

                    Theft of those has exploded in the last 2-3 years, as have the sales of blank CDRs.
                    Sales of music CDs have dropped by almost the same amount as the rise in sales of CDRs, which can't be coincidence (over 30% in this country over the last 2 years alone).

                    Figures for VHS tapes and DVDs show similar trends, but lower volume (maybe because the amount of data is larger making it harder to download).

                    Software piracy is at an alltime high, with entertainment software and other software for homeuse now being over 90% pirated according to some figures and even the lowest estimates giving well over 50% of software in homes being pirated.


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                      Where did you get those numbers? I don't mean to question them, but would only like to know where you got them.

                      As for dropping CD sales, I think that this also has to do with the quality of current music. When I saw the German Top 10 the last time, I was truly shocked; no exaggeration. I've also grown to be unable to listen to one given radio station for any time longer than maybe thirty minutes; except for special broadcasts on EinsLive and such.

                      To get back on track, I do think that a considerable part of that sales dump is related to online music sharing - but not only because people steal what they want, but also because they get to know the CDs they might buy better. Before spending 15 to 20 bucks on a CD, I want to know how it's really like, not only how great that popular single sounds. I did it that way with the last two CDs I bought (that's all but insignificant in my case), and will be doing it with the next few. I just don't want to throw my money out of the window like I have done before anymore.

                      Movies? I'd probably never buy one and hardly ever watch those few I downloaded - noone's business is affected here.


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                        I'm too lazy to wait for a movie or program to download.

                        I'll occasionally download an old song that I've looked for in the stores but haven't found(MASH theme song, Happy together, etc.)


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                          KaZaa Lite is the cracked version of KaZaa, ads are banned

                          I also download almost everything

                          tip: you know what happens when you're downloading a movie - you get a fake one
                          try - excellent selections of almost every movie!


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                            I've seen some movies downloaded off that site, horrible quality. I suppose if you want to watch it on your pc it might be o.k. I have a 61" Sony tv, and when you enlarge anything to that size you will see just how good or bad the original quality is. Real DVD's are fantastic, as are ones I make with my DV camcorder. I have even made back up copies with DVD X-Copy/X-Copy Express, and they are perfect!

                            I used to download music from Napster, damn shame about that site...


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                              Originally posted by JeffinDEN
                              I've seen some movies downloaded off that site, horrible quality. ...
                              use - there are some very nice DVD-rips - excellent quality and sound, and in a normal size