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    Feel free to upload your airlines related videos to

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    The least you could have done is upload some vids yourself. How on earth do you expect people to go through the hassle of registration before they can upload their videos, when the promotor of the site (you) hasn't even bothered to upload a single video himself?

    Just an advice.


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      Yup, i agree.

      i will definitely upload some myself.
      I am still converting from my camcorder to files.
      However, it seems to be very large.

      I am looking around how to trim the size of the file size.


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        You can always use a program like Mastersplitter ( to split large files into more manageable smaller files. The Mastersplitter program is very small (<200Kb) and easy to use.

        I just tried to upload a 2.280Kb video; it's impossible. The host only allows a maximum of 1.024Kb per user, so even if I use Mastersplitter, it still wouldn't work.

        Why don't you go looking for another host (Yahoo Group or similar) that doesn't have such strict upload limitations?


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          Thank's for your info.

          I've just modified to setting, now you should be able to upload much bigger file up to 100 Mb.


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            Just uploaded first video!

            I must say I've encountered so many problems that on various ocassions I was thinking about leaving it. As your host only allows a few movie formats, I fist had to find a way to convert an .asx file to an acceptable standard through a converter I had to donwload. While doing the fist conversion to an .wmv file, my PC crashed! I downloaded another converter and this time I was lucky, although not for long as I found out the video-quality had decreased significantly. I downloaded a third converter and was finally able to convert to an .avi file with an acceptable (though not optimal) video quality.

            After I uploaded the video, your host asked me for a thumbnail to be used. I decided to get a simple screenshot with Hypersnap. While doing so, I found out I didn't have a registered version of Hypersnap and the programme added a graphic encouraging me to register at the top-left corner of 'my' image! Decided to simply get a larger screen-shot and later edit it with another program so the Hypersnap add would not be visible. Just finished uploading the thumbnail ('image pending approval').

            I've just tried to access the vid I just uploaded, but I can't figure out where it can be downloaded. Any idea?


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              hi schoenorama

              Thank's a lot for the video.

              This is how to view,
              1. click the thumbnail once, then
              it will come up with this message

              This is a video, click on the thumbnail to download
              TAP X-Wind Landing


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                Yes, it works. Guess the host first had to check out the contents of the video I uploaded. I'll try to upload some more vids later on.