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My "Vonage" moment.....

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  • My "Vonage" moment.....

    You ever do somthing soooo stupid that you think that "whooo hoooo hooo" music from Vonage (you gotta know what I'm talking about) should be playing in the background?? yeah.... here's my sign....

    I was out trying to adjust the hard top on the Jeep. Well, for some reason, it was stuck, so I pushed real hard.......And pushed the top right onto the ground, where the rear window smashed into a million pieces!!! Some people would get pissed, but I just put my hands on my hips shook my head and started laughing....I'm such a stupid idiot lol... I atleast hope someone knew enough that it was going to happen, so I can watch it on youtube later...... Ha ha...Darwinism at it's best!!!!

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    That music should never be played.

    I wish in certain instances like the such I could pop in, and do my classic OWNED.


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      That was pretty gay, right there..... lol....