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  • Rough day

    Well yesterday was my first day of classes, so it was supposed to be a good day, right? Well, it turns out it didn't end up being so great after all. Classes went fine, it's just the events that I heard about during the day back home that hit me extremely hard.

    My high school back home in Burnet lost 2 students that and one that just graduated this past year with me. The first one I heard about happened at about 1045am, but I didn't hear about it until about 530, just before meteorology. Well there was a wreck involving both current students out on Park Road 4. I called my band director down there yesterday evening and he said he drove by the site, and it looked like the grass around it was burnt up so he said it was probably a horrible wreck. One of those involved in that wreck was one of the drum majors this year. She was directing two of their four pieces for the show. She also played clarinet with me, and we always ended up sitting a couple chairs away from each other somehow. We poked some fun at each other all the time, also. She had worked at Chicken Express, so after they heard news of the wreck, they closed both the one in Burnet and the one in Marble Falls for the day. I knew it hit them extremely hard, too.
    The other student involved in that wreck I didn't know, but alot of people down there knew him.

    The other wreck involved one of the guys I used to play football with. He was the one that just graduated this past year with me. He was involved in a motorcycle accident about 9pm I was told, and I'm not sure if he passed at the scene or in the hospital a little later. That one hit me really hard because my brother called me about 945 and asked me if I had heard. What really got to me was the sound of his voice because I wasn't used to hearing him trying to hold back the tears.

    Well this has not really been a good start to college for me, but today I'm just trying to stay strong throughout my classes and the day. I'm choking back up right now, so I'm going to wrap this up.

    So I'm just asking for your prayers for me and my hometown of Burnet and everyone who was involved.

    Godspeed and RIP Celia, Josh, and Andrew. We love you guys.

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    That sucks big time.
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      Sorry to hear that Pilot. My condolences to their families, Man !
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