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How did you find out about 9/11?

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  • How did you find out about 9/11?

    Yes it's really typical to make on of these threads but I feel like I can't help it. Where were you when you found out what happened?
    I was in 5th grade in the humanities class. Right away the teacher said something "very dramatic" happened this morning. Then she said a plane hit the twin towers. The first thing that came to mind was some crazy person in a Cessna hitting them. Then she turned on the news and by that time the South tower already collapsed. After watching it for a little while, at 10:28 we all saw the North tower collapse live. It was such a strange feeling knowing that instant those buidlings and the people in them were gone forever.

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    I had just gotten home from school a few minutes before, and had just logged in into AOL, and the first thing I read was "Plane has hit the WTC". Just thought "Probably just a small Cessna prop, no big deal", but decided to turn on CNN anyway, and just a few seconds after the TV was on, the second flight hit the tower. For some reason, my very first thought when seeing that plane hit the building was "That was Bin Laden. That can only have been Bin Laden". In hindsight, I still don't know how that thought crossed my mind so fast. Anyway, the next few minutes, I was hoping that all people could be evacuated, and that except for the people on the planes and in the stories where the planes hit. Add to that then the shock when they said that the Pentagon was hit and that there was another hijacked plane. And when the South Tower collapsed, well, I was just, completely motionless and just staring at disbelief at what I was just seeing. I didn't even cry or such, I was just too shocked to really realize what was going on. And the more time passed after the North Tower collapsed, the more tears crawled into my eyes, and honestly, the more hatred started to rise inside me, just finishing that those behind the attacks and still alived would just be punished in the most brutal way possible for what they had just done/given the order to do.


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      I was in my 5th grade 'social studies' class, basically the principal came in and told us what was happening and forbode us from talking about it.


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        I got home from school, and wow It was on TV


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          I was in geography class when it happened, but only heard it happened after I came home, on the evening news...


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            I had just got home from soccer training. We stopped by at my coach's place, and I remember we turned on the television and everybody in the living room, viewing this happen, and a couple of minutes after the second acft hit the south tower. I was speechless and stood there with the big question mark in my mind.
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              I remember I was at football practice in 8th grade when it happened. Practice started at 7am and went until about 830am central. We didn't know what happened until we went into the locker room to get ready for school. We always had the radio on in there, and they were talking about it and we didn't really know what to make of it at first. Walking to the middle school, though, I had the thought of 'why aren't there any planes up?' running in the back of my mind. When we got to the school, we were gathered in the cafeteria and our principal told us what was happening and we went back to class and basically just followed the events all day. I remember being in my history class when we went over to the next room and watched the news just as the towers fell. Noone was saying a word. So all day we did nothing, we just followed the events and went home. I remember my mom was home when I got home and she had the news on and so we watched it for a while until dinner. This is one of those benchmarks in history that won't be forgotten by the people who were around when it happened.


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                I was eating breakfast when my dad called me and told me a Cessna hit the World Trade Center. First comments: Oh, come on. Those buildings are so friggin huge you've got to be blind to miss those things...especially so high up! We kept watching (school didn't start until 9.30am). My mom joined us soon after, and then out of nowhere, a little speck flew across the screen and created a big explosion. Fireball, people fleeing...after the blast subsided, there we were. Three stunned people staring at a 25 inch TV a thousand miles away, with our jaws hanging out.

                My mom made me go to school, so I got in the car. WHen I started to tell people what was happening, they wouldn't believe me. My own teacher told me to stop lying until I told her to turn on the TV to CNN. And then, for the rest of the day, we did nothign in school. Sure, we went from one classroom to another, but all we did was watch TV. I don't remember if the 9/11 memorial was on Sept. 12 or that Friday, but I remember classes were cancelled to let students watch it. My Yearbook officer told us, "there are things more important in this world than worrying about what's going on page 34 of the yearbook. We're not working today."

                And I still recognize the voice of that choir...even though I haven't heard them in 5 years. Does anyone, for that matter have a video/audio of that memorial?

                And that was 9/11/01 in a nutshell.


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                  I was in Room 418 in my school taking the reading test. The assistant principal (now current principal) came on the loudspeaker and announced it. That was the talk of the day after that.


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                    I just woke up to get rady for school.. Finished eating my breakfast and took a short.. As I was getting dressed, I decided to turn on the TV.. It was tuned to the news.. They were talking about a plane crash which I though was normal.. But then they showed the video of 2 planes crashing into the WTC.. I was shocked at the view of the towers.. We were talking about it in class the whole day.. RIP to all those who died.. You will never be forgotten..
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                      A tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

                      Have you forgotten ?

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                        In school. I didn't find out until the end of the day. There was an annoucement right after closing bell rang, stating that "Due to today's terrorist activities all after-school activities are shut down."

                        Went to the bus, then found out what happened. I was living on a military base at the time (Fort Drum, NY) and my school was in a nearby town outside of the base. When the bus came onto the base to drop us off, soldiers armed with body armor and M-16s boarded and searched while others used mirrors to check the undersides for bombs. This would continue, every day, every bus, for the duration of my time in NY (several years).

                        Going home, there was a train stopped on the tracks with more soldiers searching the underside of every car with dogs and mirrors. Then the TV coverage of that day was incredible.

                        The next day, we were waiting for our bus at the normal time. It came, but over 2 and a half hours late. Every car entering Fort Drum was being searched, and it took hours just to make it through the line to enter post.
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                          I was getting ready to go up on a training flight for my PPL. When we called to get a weather briefing the briefer said "we're hearing something about an airplane hitting the world trade center and that all air traffic has been grounded, we're pretty fuzzy on the details so call us back in 15 mins."

                          So my instructor and I went and turned on the TV and saw.


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                            It was back in Poalnd, i was in my school in grade 7 and came back home earlier (it was a short day schedule). It happened at about 2pm Polish time and my mum told me that this happened. And I saw the second plane hit the WTC live as well as the collapse on CNN....very sad


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                              Originally posted by Chris@YYZ
                              I was in my 5th grade 'social studies' class, basically the principal came in and told us what was happening and forbode us from talking about it.
                              Thats bullshit. What would they do if you talked about it? Suspend you for being interested in world changing events.

                              Anyways, I was in English class 8th grade, and the teacher came in and said what happend then next period class we went down to watch it on TV. That was basically the rest of the day. Some parents came in and took their kids home.