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Mungous in the newspaper.

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  • Mungous in the newspaper.

    So our resident grumpy teen made the paper,

    Teens moody because brains undeveloped, study finds
    16 September 2006

    The next time your teenagers storm off in a mood instead of cleaning their room, spare a thought for the poor darlings. They are not doing it deliberately to annoy you, it is just that their brains are not fully developed yet.

    After scanning the brains of different age groups, scientists from University College, London, discovered adolescents were less likely to think about how their actions affected others.

    The researchers asked people to think about what they would do in certain situations and used an MRI scanner to pinpoint which parts of the neural pathways were being used.

    They found adolescents used a part at the rear of the pathway which is normally used in making simple actions and not in higher-level thinking about how it would affect themselves or others.

    Adults used a front part which included thoughts about other people's feelings and were more likely to consider the consequences of their actions.

    Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, who led the research, told the British Association's Festival of Science conference in England this month that teenage brains undergo huge changes and do not reach maturity until a person is at least 20, which could help to explain why teenagers are more likely to be moody.

    Teenagers Ella and Hugh Mitton thought the research was a good excuse to explain away a mood.

    "I am sure there must be more to it than just that, but it would be a good excuse," 14-year-old Ella Mitton said.

    "I think I used to be more stroppy when I was younger," 16-year-old Hugh Mitton added.

    "I think I have changed now though. I think it takes other things as well, like hormones and how restrictive your parents are with you, to make you moody."

    Their mother, Faye Harkness, said she was sceptical that one piece of research could explain teenager's actions.

    "I think there are too many other variables for this to be the case," she said.

    "The way they are brought up must have something to do with it."

    The research could give teenagers another excuse for grumpy behaviour. "We already have hormones and now this, it is almost giving them excuses not to take responsibility for their actions.",00.html

    Since your mum seemed pretty sure I was the problem for your grumpy behaviour, and now its not true i guess we are actually allowed to see each other
    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash

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    Your quite the celebrity Mungous, look what I found in the newspaper lol.


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      Looks like a defensive stance to me. I've seen that several times in our house.