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I've just been Skydiving

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  • I've just been Skydiving

    and it was insane! lol. I went about 5 hour's ago. I jumped tandem from 12,000 feet, it was -20 deg cel up there! It was a lot scarier than I thought it would be. The freefall went for about 40 second's at a speed of around 200km/hr.

    The forces I found were pretty extreme when the chute opened, this and the motion made me barf twice once the parachute opened, so someone probably got a face full of spew on the ground lol. They had to put mine and my instructors jump suit's in the wash straight after.

    I don't have much to show for it but I took a photo of the paper you sign your life away on and of the instructional video.

    Has anyone else here done it?

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    Sounds like fun, I was going to do it in Nelson a while ago, but didnt have the money, theres always in the future.
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      Awesome, I'd love to do this!


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        Im going to do it in 3 sites when i go back to the philippines.. CRK, CEB and batangas..
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          Looks crazy! Feel sorry for the instructors though, I bet they are use to getting covered in puke.


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            800+ times so far here.

            Those waivers always amaze me. Despite signing away your life, AND voluntarily getting into the airplane, every year or so, someone dies or is severely injured on a tandem jump, and the lawsuits start. People say the stupidest things in the pursuit of what they believe is a huge pile of cash. There is one woman here in Ontario in a wheelchair who stated in court she did not think it possibly could be dangerous-I mean you were looking straight down 3500 feet ya ninny! Everytime there is an accident they trot her out for a comment-she is now a skydiving expert.

            It got so bad about 20 years ago that one company was called
            The Uninsured XYZ Company".

            Anyways congrats on making the jump!! Any plans for another "airbath"?


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              Originally posted by a78jumper
              Any plans for another "airbath"?
              I dunno dude

              I'll be the first to admit it was pretty intense. I think I would do it again but not right now lol