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Your thoughts on the new car..(BMW 328i Coupe) *pics included*

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    Originally posted by TAP-A343

    I don't know this new model but the previous one was just a "fat butt", cheapish build quality and guzzling car.

    A 6-litre V8? I'm sure it's fast in a motorway but I wonder how it handles in a countryside road and how big your wallet would have to be to pay for the petrol in Britain.
    Go read the reviews my friend, this one's built from scratch. The UK's Autocar and motor magazine has driven the base model and given it extremely good reviews. They say it has the handling to match the 5 series.

    Also regarding the fuel can't be any worse than a WRX, EVO or any other performance car for that matter.

    If I want good fuel economy i'll stick to my Bora TDI. If I want a bit of fun then the price of the fuel is insignificant.

    And I can vouch for the build quality..i've been in one! No problems there at all.
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