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  • Golfing

    Im just wondering.How many of you guys golf?? I was out golfing today and shot a 93. I'm usually in the high 80s to low 90s typically. Almost hit somebody today! Lost track of my shot, trying to figure out where it went and all of a sudden somebody screams out. Who the hell hit that!. I was lectured for a few minutes of how to yell 'fore' but that's what i get for loosing track of my ball. Anyway, i typically play once or twice a week and can drive a ball around 250-270 yards when i don't hit it fat. So how often do you golf and what can you do??

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    "Golf is a good walk spoiled."
    Mark Twain


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      Golf rocks!!

      I used to golf about twice a week before I moved to Germany. Too expensive here. Back (at my other) home golf was cheapa nd plentiful. I was never any good though.


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        I like golf! It's my fav. sport! It's not boring! I want to play like Tiger Wood.

        I have been play golf in Spain, Phuket, Philippines, Macau and HKG.

        I did hit to 261yds. I use a #1 wood club on hole 8th at Kayak Point Golf Course in WA.

        I try to play best on this year vacation.