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Problem playing games on PC

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  • Problem playing games on PC

    Guess some of you could me with this:
    For a weeks, I have had the problem that whenever I play a game, be it GTA, FS or anything else, the performance constantly has hickups of some sorts. Meaning the game runs smooth for 20 seconds, then stops for 2 seconds, then runs, then stops, and so on. I haven't changed any settings in the past years, so I am not really sure what the problem behind this. Looking forward to some helpful replies .

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    Maybe try installing the latest drivers? It's helped me in the past with what sounds like a similar problem.

    Just a suggestion.




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      Like Dale said, make sure your drivers, especially your video drivers are up to date.

      Also, check for unwanted crap running in the background, especially spy/malware.


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        Close all other applications, and if you have a lot of things plugged in i.e. speakers, joystick and you have it on the highest screen resolution this will hinder performance too.


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          Thanks for the tips so far. Drivers are all up-to-date, and the PC is constantly being searched for any unwanted trash on it. Usually, I don't run anything else besides FSScreen while playing, and everything else hasn't been changed. High resolution and all that stuff worked fine for many months. As said, anything's been checked for any malware, but nothing like that turned up. The problems started to arise out of nowhere.
          And as said, it applies to all games, even those that I ran problem-free for over 3 years.


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            Try running disk cleanup and defrag your hdd, and don't select the compress old files option. Clean out temp folders too.