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I met the governor of PA

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  • I met the governor of PA

    Well, I was getting ready to board an ERJ-170 at PHL to go back to PIT when I noticed this guy with a gravelly voice. I thought: man, that guy looks like and sounds like Ed Rendell (the Governor of Pennsylvania), but what the heck would he be doing here? Then some guy out of the blue came up and shook his hand and I realized it was the governor and the gate agent greeted him as "Governor" and my suspicions were further realized. I turned around and said, "Ed Rendell?" and he smiled and shook my hand while I mumbled an "introduction." I am quite sure he was awed by my executive potential As I walked down the jetway and mused over his politician's slickness, I realized my wallet was missing (just kidding) Unfortuntely I didn't get to sit next to him, but it was still interesting to meet him.

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    Pffttt.. Only a governor.???. I met Madonna once.
    She gave me the eye too Oh wait she did that to everybody. Hmmmrrpp.

    Just kidding. Congrats *Shakes hand with Scram*

    You're now officially friend of Ed The Virus Rendell.*

    ^^*Conair .
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      I met Mr. Belding. Beat that.

      Actually I didn't


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        I met Matt Wiggan. Beat that!


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          Congratulations on your "celebrity" meeting.

          My job has introduced me to many many people and I would not change it for anything.

          Derek Jeter, John Madden, Jerome Bettis, Walter Payton, Shannon Sharpe, Cris Collinsworth, Ernie Fletcher (KY Governor), Al Neuharth, Tim Russert, John Siegenthaler, Joe Paterno, Eileen Collins, and the list could go on forever.

          My job is great. If you're wondering I'm a photojournalist.

          Later this month (as in a month from today) I am starting a photo story on Cris Collinsworth and his daily life. Wish me luck!
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          twenty53 Photography


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            Rick Perry came to one of our (Burnet) games once back in 2004 and after halftime said a few words to the band. That's about the closest I've come to actually meeting a political figure.
            Five Stone Canvas and Bob Smiley came to our church in August of '05 for a thing we (FBC Burnet) were holding. I was part of the crew known as "Smiley Security and FSC loading crew".
            Fun times.


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              Uncle Jesse is my uncle.