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How did get that there?

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  • How did get that there?

    Originally posted by Wikipedia
    The Laboe Naval Memorial for sailors who lost their lives at sea during the World Wars and while on duty at sea and U 995.
    It's a memorial to the sailors of all nations who died in the world wars, in Schleswig-Holstein. My question- how did they get that U-Boat there?

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    Using a helicopter or a 18 or more wheel truck. Or a train or a ship. I bet it's a replica though.


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      I can never resist a mystery. Got this one in two from Google Schleswig-Hostein + memorial It does not say how it hot there but it does answer the question about its authenticity. There is an aerial picture somewhere and it is not that far from the sea.
      From Wikipedia

      Unterseeboot 995
      U995 Type VIIC at the Laboe Naval Memorial

      Unterseeboot 995 was a Type VIIC/41 submarine of the Kriegsmarine. Her keel was laid down on November 25, 1942 by Blohm + Voss of Hamburg, Germany. She was commissioned on September 16, 1943 with Oblt. Walter Köhntopp in command.


      * September 16, 1943 to October 9, 1944 Kapitänleutnant Walter Köhntopp
      * October 10, 1944 to May 8, 1945 Oberleutnant Hans-Georg Hess Knight's Cross

      During the war she conducted 9 patrols:

      * September 16, 1943 to 31 May 1944 5th Flottille (training)
      * June 1, 1944 to February 28, 1945 13th Flottille (front boat)
      * March 1, 1945 to May 8, 1945 14th Flottille (front boat)

      During her career she sunk:

      * 3 ships sunk for a total of 1.560 GRT
      * 1 auxiliary warship sunk for a total of 633 GRT
      * 1 warship sunk for a total of 105 tons
      * 1 ship a total loss for a total of 7.176 GRT

      At the end of the war she was stricken at Trondheim, Norway on May 8, 1945. She was surrendered to the British and then transferred to Norway in October 1948. In December 1952 U995 became the Norwegian submarine Kaura and in 1965 she was stricken by the Norwegian navy. She then was sold for the symbolic price of one Deutsche Mark to Germany where she became a museum ship at Laboe in October 1971.


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        chuck norris willed it there


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          Her surface displacement is 760 tons, so it would have made an interesting moving job. My guess is they dragged her up the beach, maybe even dredged a deeper channel to get her real close to the site and hauled her up.

          She was a lucky ship with lucky crews.


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            Laboe lies directly at S-H's East Sea coast, so it was pretty much "just" a job of dragging it a few hundred feet out of the water, so no need for any large transportation equipment. As to how exactly they got it there, no idea.


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              I knew that Schleswig-Holstein was a costal bundeslander, but I didn't know how close Laboe was to the sea. It makes sense that they just dragged her ashore then. What did they drag her with, though?


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                Here's an overview pic for reference:

                U-995 is in the red circle, and the deep sea is visible in the upper left corner. And traces can be seen of a makeshift canal cut into the flat areas, through which U-995 got directly to the coast. As to how it made the last few yards, hard to say, though probably with alot of man and diesel power.


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                  They surfaced and sailed it onto the land!

                  But damn that U-Boat is huge!


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                    Originally posted by ACman
                    They surfaced and sailed it onto the land!

                    But damn that U-Boat is huge!
                    Kev-ma-boi...take a trip down to the US or Russian and see some nuclear subs...not those are Huge.
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