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    I had my two lower wisdoms extracted 30 years ago (I was 17) They were actually coming in sideways! I had to be put under for the procedure. I guess they used laughing gas, b/c when I came to, I was laughing, and since I was a fan of the 70s show "Happy Days", I was doing a very poor imitation of "the Fonz" "'eeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!" Later that day, after the anesthesia had worn off, I experienced pain, but the dentist had written a prescription for painkillers, so I took one and was OK. No pain after that day. I had to have stitches, and the next day I discovered that I couldn't eat anything solid b/c the chewed foot would get hung up in the stitches. So for a week, I lived on liquids and ice cream, until the stitches were removed. The good side was, I lost 10 pounds that week. The bad was, I couldn't eat ice cream for several months after that.

    My uppers were taken out 5 1/2 years later, they were coming in more or less straight, so the dentist gave me a local and extracted them.