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Stupid Xp multiple accounts... I'm confused.

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  • Stupid Xp multiple accounts... I'm confused.

    I'm fixing a mate's PC, it's the first time I have worked on one with multiple user accounts. I want the change's I make in one account to apply for the other two but that's not happening because I installed Opera in one account and it wont show up in the other's, also I installed powerdvd in one account yet in another one I had to re-enter the serial number.

    Most importantly when I go to remove viruses in one account I want it to apply to all account's, and I dunno if this is happening or not.

    Under all 3 accounts it says "computer administrator" if that helps.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Sometimes you need to login AS the admin, not as a user that has admin privileges...Though that shouldn't apply for just installing software. Also, some software is made to disallow multiple users from using it. They have 'single user' licenses. Nice way to get people with out keygens to buy more I guess. I've come across a few like that at work. Not sure about your specific software though. For installing for all users, isn't there a "install for all users" or "install for myself only" option?


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      Best thing to do with that is not to create multiple accounts on the computer, although they might be helpful, it just uses up more space on the HD as it has 3 copies of the same files of the operating system, each one being slightly different then the other as the user's preference. On my computer i only have one account after learning this the hard way as i had up to 4 accounts on the laptop, which made the computer incredibly slow and it started giving me errors.

      My suggestion: Make one account on your buddies computer...thats just me
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        Thanks for the replies.

        I agree 100% with your suggestion PIAA310.

        It's my mate's girlfriend's PC that she shares with two of her family members, they are all PC noob's that hate change so I can't possibly make one user account without getting severely beaten (not in the literal sense). *sigh*

        I'm just going to focus on getting rid of the infection's and leave it at that, it's a mess with shitty software and crap like the yahoo toolbar etc, it makes me cringe to see computer's like that but hey not all of us are geeks lol.