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What part of "I don't drive" do people not understand?!

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    Yeah, you need a License, hell i remember i was at the DMV as soon as i turned 16 and had the appointment for the test right when i was able to. Also if you haven't figured it out yet, ID is needed for pretty much everything, Open Credit Cards, get into clubs (although a FAKE ID would be needed for that for most on here), etc... Or even get a State ID, that'll do the job if you are too chicken to take a dirvers test.
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      Ok, everybody has proven me deviant from the mainstream of society. I'll go to my little corner now and shut up.


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        I don't mean to come off arrogant bro but you have to be cruel to be kind ya know.

        Saying you don't drive for fear of accident is being a little too precious ay.

        If you were involved in an accident previously and had developed a phobia of driving then that's another thing alltogeather but that's not the case here. You have the money and intelligence so get your butt from that corner and join the rat race, otherwise you'll get left behind.


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          Originally posted by Messerschmitt Man
          I You have the money and intelligence
          Well the latter is debatable.