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Major November storm

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  • Major November storm

    Well, looks like it's going to be a major event the next few days. Snow in much of KS, OK (6-12 inches expected here-a foot or more in northern OK), ice storm warning for Kansas City and NW Missouri. Then of course in the warm, moist air ahead of the front, severe weather is likely with large hail and tornadoes. Also looks like a significant icing/snow event for north TX and SE OK tomorrow. A lot of cancellations and delays likely tomorrow for OKC, DFW, MCI and other airports in this region. And I just went outside, like walking into a refrigerator.

    EDIT: Well, quarter of an inch of sleet already outside, there's actually heavy sleet falling right now mixed with freezing rain, and there's lightning and thunder right now haha. Overnight it's freezing rain and then to top it all off, 5-7 inches of snow tomorrow!

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    I wish we got that kind of snow here in Dallas!
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      Had the low taken a path just 100 miles to the south, you guys would've had at least 5 inches of snow. We got 5 inches here locally (officially 4.6" at OKC), more than a foot in some locations in northern OK. OKC actually did remain open throughout thanks to the runway deicing system installed on both main runways, but today almost all ORD flights have been cancelled, and flights to DFW ad other airports are getting big delays. Also a 16 vehicle pile-up on I-40 on the east side of Oklahoma City, not to mention various 18-wheeler jacknifes and such.