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Winter break and Final

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  • Winter break and Final

    Do you have any final in your college and winter break?

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    There are so many things that I could say.......

    But in high school I've got mid-terms about 2 weeks after "winter break" aka. the 1 week + a few days I have off after Christmas. If I get B+'s and above in all of my classes, I don't have to take finals either!!! So far I'm on my way there!

    I'm flying on the 23rd if the weather is good, which I can't wait for. Going to go down to Orange County, NY for breakfast with my friend then doing the Hudson Corridor to show him what it's like. I LOVE it!

    P.S. Jordan = owned


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      I have one more research paper due by Friday at 5:00 p.m. After that I'm finished. Thankfully grad school, at least mine, doesn't have tests and finals per say. We just have a ton of papers to write.


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        I have a couple finals, a couple papers, and them I am done with school forever. Then its off to AMS and FRA for 10 days of shenanigans before starting my job flight instructing back home in Maryland.


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          Finals, papers, stage checks, the whole bit.


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            Four papers and two tests due by the 15th and then I'm done for the semester!