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New cell phone coming, need help to decide

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  • New cell phone coming, need help to decide

    Okay, I'm normally not much of a cell phone fan, because I use phones just for that, to phone someone, but as is standard practice with most cell contracts, 18 months are over, and it's time for my phone company to provide a new cell phone. The 2 options I have are the Motorola RAZR V3 and the BenQSiemens CF75. I'm currently undecided between the two, as while the CF75 would be free of charge, the RAZR would cost 30, but at the same time would offer some features that would come in handy for work, especially the hand-free kit. Of course, I would love to hear of some actual experiences people have with either phone, so if you have some, step forward .

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    Sorry mate, still using a brick here!



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      Well, I don't think a hands free kit is worth the 30 euros, if you just buy one, it would probably be less. I'd go with the free one.


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        From what I know, the RAZR V3 had a lot of software problems (unless it's since been fixed). I take it you're looking for a quad-band GSM cellphone? I'm using a Samsung SGH-D600, which I'm quite happy with. Though, I think there's a new model out since I bought mine in January.


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          Razar is crap, end of

          My dad has it, it is sooooo sloooooooooooowwwwwwww. Really laggy and everything, not much memory either.

          I'd go for the free one. i have the D500 and im happy with it, the D600 is also a good phone.



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            The Razr is pretty weak, even for an over priced fashion phone. The software isn't much of a problem (still kinda sucks), but the construction of the things suck. A few things I've discovered though my own and a couple friends is:
            - Dust gets under the screens some how
            - Humidity screws them up (Motorola considers that water damage as well)
            - The keypads suck
            - One screen had some weird thing that looked like a hair, but grew after a while .. maybe the crystals cracked some how. It wasn't impact damage though for sure..At least until a hammer was brought in to the picture

            My V400 and V600 phones are MUCH better than the Razr, and more functional. The V400 especially. It's been abused to the point I'm surprised it even works still

            Check out .. There's lots of good information from users on both of the phones you're looking at, and much more.


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              Lol, cellphones.....we've been throwing our V3's at customers for the last 2 years and it still sells despite being plagued with faults and totally useless function wise. I can't believe you have to pay to get a V3 on contract....we pay our customers to take them off our hands!!

              Current best all rounders on the UK market are the Sony-Ericsson K800i Cybershot and W850i Walkman handsets; from Nokia the N73 and from Samsung the D900. If you must look at Motorola then the KRAZR 1 and 3 are quite cool. I guess these phones might not be about on the US/Euro markets.
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                Thanks for the info guys, certainly helps me make my decision .

                Originally posted by Genessee
                - One screen had some weird thing that looked like a hair, but grew after a while
                That's happening to my current cell, looks like the roots of a growing tree. That's also the reason why I'll be getting a new phone, instead of taking option 3 of 80 and keep my current one.