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Aeroflot flight to Hanoi, summer 1972, from Laos: questions

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    with a top speed of 750 odd km/h and contra-props?
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      According to wikipedia:

      The Ilyushin Il-62 is a Soviet long range airliner. [...] the inaugural passenger flight was a service from Moscow to Montreal [...]The Il-62 replaced the fast turbopropTu-114 on long range routes. [...]
      So it says that it replaced TU-114 on long range routes which will make DAL's reply correct however...

      According to wikipedia entered Aeroflot service in 1967. This means that when Jane Fonda flew Aeroflot in 1972, the Tu-114 was probably out of use or was used only on domestic flights. This is just an assumption.
      Also according to my Aeroflot book and Polish version of wikipedia:
      Był to pierwszy, radzieckiej produkcji, turboodrzutowy samolot pasażerski zaprojektowany jako samolot długodystansowy (pierwszym był turbośmigłowy Tu-114).
      . In translation "It was (Il-62) the first russian production, jet airliner designed as a passenger longrange aircraft [first was a turboprop Tu-114]". So yes my msitake Il was the first JET to fly long range but surely more fficient and faster.

      However wikipedia says that
      The Tupolev Tu-114 Rossiya (NATO reporting name Cleat) is a turboprop powered medium-range airliner designed by the Tupolev design bureau.
      Also if we comapre the performance data of both aircrafts (taken from wikipedia) the TU-114 range was 6,200 km (3,300 nm, 3,900 mi) and Il-62 range was 10,000 km; 11,050 km with full reserves, assuming prevailing winds (6215 mi (3354 nautical miles); 6,868 mi (5964 nautical miles)).

      So my guess would be that an Il-62 was used on this route back in that time.


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        Hmm, I think the IL-86 entered service after the Moscow olympics?
        "The real CEO of the 787 project is named Potemkin"


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          This is always entertaining.

          One little thing. I know its fun to throw the knives when there is an error, but can we be a bit more civilized calling each other assholes? I can read another site if i want "vicious".