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Bon Voyage for 20 days!!!

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  • Bon Voyage for 20 days!!!

    Well, about 3 weeks, I thought I was going out for 6-10 months out to sea. But I was called to go up for 20 days carrier qualifcation out of San Diego, CA. I will be flying out to San Diego Friday, July 25. My ship, the U.S.S. John C. Stennis isn't pulling out til tuesday, July 28. We are scheduled to arrive back in San Diego Naval pier August 18. Something im excited about and to get the experience on life at sea. I'm looking forward to this. Probably my next cruise will be for 6 months or some boats are going out for 10 months like the USS George Washington leaving Norfolk in Jan 2004.

    Anyway, my country needs me, so i'll check back next month.

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    Have fun.

    Picture is of a carrier docked at North Island during the last week of June.


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      Make sure you bring the Nikon!!!! and lots of cards for storage!!! You will get shots that you will not believe. Trust me on this. Vulture's Row is fantastic for getting good shots. Better yet, if you can get on the flight deck during flight ops, hang out near the crash trucks, stay clear of the wires and shoot away. Sunset at sea is something you won't believe either. If you don't have a lot of storage, find someone that can copy those pictures onto CD for you!

      Last ship I cruised on was the GW. Maiden voyage. Hell of a ship, you'll have fun.

      Bring a good lock.

      And don't drop your soap!



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        stay safe!!!


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          Thanks for the advice Jeff,

          I have gotten so many tips from other guys I know. Bring at least 2 weeks of clothes with you, extra flip flop for "SHELLBACK." But we're not going to cross the equator.

          On of my friend, an AD2 told me about Vulture's Row for getting good flight op shots. I believe that is on top of the bridge. Bt I will definatly bring the Nikon with me, and probably will shoot better pictures then the Navy's Photographer's Mate out there. LOL. I also will bring my laptop for entertainment purposes and to upload and edit the photos. However, I heard the internet connection on a carrier is sloow using satelites. So I probably won't upload any shots if I can even get near to a computer.

          And don't drop your soap!
          Bad idea with 5,000+ guys.....eeeeewwwwww.
          Is it true about the food on the boat? About having to visit to the crapper like 5 times a day?


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            "Is it true about the food on the boat? About having to visit to the crapper like 5 times a day?"

            Never happened to me! I loved the food on ship. You can eat just about any time you want. The doughnuts in the morning were killer...

            My first trip on a carrier I was an AE3, we had F-4 Phantoms, and I had just got transferred to the shop from the Line Div. I loved it. After working with the AE's all day, I went and turned planes for the Mech's at night to free up an extra wrench turner. Sometimes I would work with the line guys for the hell of it.

            I slept like a baby at night after working 12 hours and then relaxing for a few before going to sleep.

            You can get some excellent shots from the Mech shop as well if they let you back there. Sometimes they won't because if a pilot hits the round down, all the debris would end up in your face. You'll see what I mean the first time they start landing.

            I'll see if I can get a shot or two from my videos and post them.



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              Mech shop?

              do you mean the jet engine shop? That is where I'll be mainly working at.

              I love to see the videos.


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                Have a good trip kev, take it easy and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics. Dont fall off the boat