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    Originally posted by pkonowrocki
    Zer is ze dam frenchman
    Teach me eine German!


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      Originally posted by [email protected]
      now I feel ashamed to have Irish/Canadian blood
      My family tree doesn't fork.
      -Signed: 90% of the population of Kentucky.


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        mother is greek, we still have a house on the greek island of Kastellorizo
        father was Australian, he passed away in 1987

        grandparents on my mothers side
        her mother was born in Odessa, Ukraine
        her father was born in Izmir, Turkey

        dads side
        his mother was born in India
        father was born in Perth

        quite the mix...

        next trips
        USA/DXB August.


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          Well, as one of the "older" members, who could quite easily be someones grandfather my heritage is pretty straightforward.

          On my Fathers side (which took some finding) I am of Scottish descent, via Ireland and Yorkshire. By all accounts they were moved from Scotland during the clearances in the 18thC and, after living in Ireland for a while, they changed their name (from Graham to Maharg, which is Graham backwards) and sneaked back into Scotland. Eventually they migrated to the North East of England and settled around Keighley and Durham. On my Mothers side I am English with roots in Wales. Both my Nan's family and my Grandads family were originally from Wales, although my Nan was born in Paddington, London and my Grandad in Brighton. We have also got an Irish connection (O'Sullivan) with a Canadian branch.

          So it's quite ironic that my eldest son was born in Bridgend, South Glamorgan and the youngest in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

          I now live in the Isle of Man and my eldest is consorting (and living with) a Manx girl so the family will have a definate Isle of Man connection if they actually manage to produce any offspring.

          Now you know everything I shall have to kill you all



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            Originally posted by exmanx
            We have also got an Irish connection (O'Sullivan) with a Canadian branch.
            wOot! is it me?

            Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
            Forever New Frontiers


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              Originally posted by exmanx
              Well, as one of the "older" members, who could quite easily be someones grandfather Andy
              Make me feel bad because I'm 3 years younger than you...hahaha

              They can be your kids Andy, not your grandkids...unless you live near Jordan.


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                Quite possible Chris, quite possible. (shudder!)

                Hey, I have an 11 year old granddaughter - some of these people are only a couple of years older than that - ipso facto, they could be my grandchildren! Now, where was I 14/15 years ago...........................Canada, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus ?



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                  God help you if your related to Chris skiddy


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                    Originally posted by Sam at MAN
                    God help you if your related to Chris skiddy

                    seriously tho, thats pretty cool.
                    Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
                    Forever New Frontiers


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                      My Mom's aunt (Jean Wainwright) has been doing geneology for the last 60 odd years and has traced the family tree back to 1273 - my mom's side of the family, that is. Breakdown (abreviated) from 1768.

                      Wainwright/Boyes Family Tree

                      Year 1273 - The original spelling of the surname was "WANWRECTHE", later changed to "WAEGNWYRHTA" and finally to "WAINWRIGHT". The name was derived from the family trade being wagon rights - or wagon builders.

                      JOHANATHAN WAINWRIGHT was born in 1768. He married Elizabeth (from Yorkshire). He was a cloth weaver by trade and when the cotton industry in England was failing - he was nominated to lead a group of people to resettle in South Africa. He was sponsored by Lord Lascalles (first cousin to Queen Victoria) of Harewood House in Leeds. The party left England aboard the ship "JOHN" and landed in Algoa Bay (now Port Elizabeth). From Algoa Bay, they were transported by ox wagon to Grahamstown and arrived there on 27 May, 1820. Farms of 100 acres were allocated to them in the Bathurst district. While 100 acres was considered as "large" by English standards - an economically viable farm in the Eastern Cape is in the region of 5000 acres. The Settlers were "left to their own devices" and many of their farming ventures failed due to lack of agricultural knowledge. The Settlers were also at the mercy of the local Xhosa tribes who considered them as "invaders" and many local skirmishes broke out between Xhosa and Settler resulting in the deaths of a number of Settlers. Those Settlers who were tradesmen, moved back into the larger settlements and towns to apply their trade. A number of Settlers carried on with farming - predominantly wool farming. Jonathan and Elizabeth had three children and he died in 1851. There is an 1820 Settlers Monument in the town of Bathurst which carries the Wainwright name.

                      Edward Wainwright - Born 27/02/1805 - Died 02/01/1876 - Married Christina Scheepers. They had eight children.

                      Henry Theodor Wainwright - Born 31/08/1844 - Died 26/11/1913. Married Emma Hancock. They had eight children.

                      Charlotte Wainwright - Born 03/05/1880 - Died 05/07/1942. Married Charles Henry Adams **. They had two children.

                      Fredrick Russell Adams - Born 31/03/1902 - Died 12/10/1984. Married on 14/12/1929 to Hazel Eleanor Hiscock, born 24/08/1906, died 01/12/1987. They had three children. (Hazel related to Sir Philip Antrobus, 7th baronet of Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury, Wiltshire - Stonehenge on Sir P's estate, however the estate was sold to the National Trust a while ago, now an old age home.

                      Ronald Kennedy Adams - Born 1930
                      Lorraine Marjorie Adams - Born 08/05/1932 married Colin Desmond Boyes - Born 14/06/1932. They have three children. ##
                      Frederick Charles Adams - Born 1947.

                      ## Robin Michael Boyes - Born 05/05/1957. Married on 30/03/1985 to Elinor Robinson, born 30/03/1962. They have two children. @@
                      ## Stephen David Boyes - Born 05/08/1958. Married on 03/06/1984 to Lynda Diane Richter, born 10/03/1956. They have two children. $$
                      ## Sally Hazel Boyes - Born 21/09/1963. Married on 07/02/1987 to Thomas John Kennedy (New Zealand), born 18/02/1956. They have three children. &&

                      @@ Genevieve Shendl Boyes - Born 22/02/1988 and Caitlin Jade Boyes - Born 04/09/1989.
                      $$ Samantha Erin Boyes - Born 22/02/1986 and Dylan Craig Boyes - Born 11/05/1989.
                      && Liam Kennedy - Born 04/05/1993, Guy Kennedy - Born 02/10/1994 and Nicola Kennedy - Born 19/08/1997.

                      ** Charles Adams was part of the Bowker Party of 1820 Settlers. William Adams (son of Henry) and Charles Henry Adams (son of William).


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                        Well, mainly German and Polish, but apparently I have some Brit as I recently found out that mt greatgrandfather to the somethingth was Commodore Oliver Hazzard Perry and my great granduncle to the somethingth was Commodore Preble of USS Constitution fame. I believe there have been four or five Navy ships named after Uncle Ed including a modern nuclear powered missile laucher or something like that has just recently been commissioned. There were several ships named after Grandpa Oliver, the most recent decommissioned in 1997. Pretty neat what you can find out.


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                          Heck, I just found out there was a whole class of frigates named after Commodore Perry! Whoa! I'm famous by relation


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                            mothers side- her parents are italian father can trace back to 1200's and german/english mother can trace back to 1200's families emigrated to chile in 1850s for mining purposes.
                            got booted out of chile in 1974.

                            fathers side- Austrian/German right right back..can trace to 1100's came to aussie in 1974.
                            My photos on


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                              My familiy is mostly British, and some kind of Canadian/European.