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    What a shame, Chasen.

    May I dare and ask if you did any backup? By the sound of it, I guess you didnt. What's the last thing you saw it did ? It suddenly shut down ? Dont tell me you got the "blue screen of death" like Sam calls it. Whatever it is, it's a b1tch. Anyway Sorry I wished I could help you though.
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      Damn that sucks, Crunk! Have you tried this? It won't get all the shots back but it may recover some old stuff that's still left on your CF card.


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        John, no, sadly, I did not back up the files. Though I did always wonder what if something like this were to happen. I'm an idiot. And the problem was I would turn on the computer, and I would be taken to a screen stating the problem and asking what solution I would like to take. No matter which I selected, the computer would just restart itself and go back to the selection screen. I was told the only option was a full system recovery.

        Sam, thanks for the link! I'll try that and see what comes up! Though it will be a pain to re-edit all those photos(must have taken well over 30 hours!), I'll be satisfied with whatever I get.


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          Have a look on google and stuff im sure you can buy data recovery software