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HTML - Easy (and fast) to learn?

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  • HTML - Easy (and fast) to learn?

    Simple question really. At the company I work for, we will likely soon take over doing all our HTML stuff for our website because we are p!ssed at the quality our current web designer does, and in the spirit of saving money, the idea is now that I should be doing all the HTML stuff. Thing is, I never learned HTML at school (like you actually learn ANYTHING computer-related in school ), and I haven't yet had the need to do so either. So the question is, is this something I can learn and do relatively fast, or would it be better to let someone else handle the website design?

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    I taught it to myself pretty easily and fast, but unless your actually interested in it or can give it some time, I'd get someone else to do it.


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      Well, the interest is definitely there, though time might be an issue. Though I still hope it'll only involve changing exisiting html data and not doing an entirely new website.


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        well, there are plenty of websites where you can learn basic HTML, the one I used was as well as is a pretty good quick reference for basic codes.

        and if all your going is modifying existing data its all pretty straight forward, if you need any info of help or w/e you can always e-mail me or get me over msn.

        Also, there are probably people here that know way more about it then I do, so I'm hoping one of them will pipe up here.


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          Thanks Chris, the info is much appreciated .


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            no problemo Colin


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              W3C Schools would be your best bet.