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*lesson Learned* Don't let siblings borrow your car!!! :(

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    Originally posted by ptbodale
    It's German for crying out loud. It will be expensive. I've had 2 Jetta's and nothing is cheap to repair.
    At least over there you don't have to pay the prices in Euro, but in Dollars, which will alone will mean parts are 20% cheaper than in Germany. Of course, second-hand parts and some DIY might also be an option .


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      Can't say anything yet, the airbags were also repaired....Whats on the outside is just exterior damage, the impact just doesn't focus strictly on the front. Just the airbags cost very much and you have to add that on to the body damage

      I'm hoping they total it, wouldn't want to get the car back after what its been through.
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        Originally posted by PIAA310
        the airbags were also repaired....
        ROFL you should go to Polska where they are extremely cheap. You know why ? Becasue people still steering wheels with airbags from cars on the street I'm serious Polska is that jokes !!!!