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ATTN Freightdogg: more Future Pilot stuff.

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  • ATTN Freightdogg: more Future Pilot stuff.

    Can we get some more of these:
    Future Pilots: what would you do in this situation?
    I loved that one on the caravan and some more would be awesome.
    Try to catch me flyin dirty...

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    Funny you should mention that. I was just thinking yesterday it's about time for another in that series. I have a good one in mind too, just need to write it up. Should have it here tonight or tomorrow.


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      cool. They put those "I learned about flying from that" articles to shame...



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        I did have a letter of mine printed in one of those "I learned about flying from that" columns a very long time ago.

        When I was first learning to fly I had an instructor who was good but was not much of a talker. One day while doing early landing practice I thought I was really getting the hang of it until he turned to me and said. "You don't sweat much do you?"

        Taught me I needed to be a lot more critical about my own performance.


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          I learned in Human Factors class that the hardest errors to catch are the ones that you commit. So being critical of your own performance (without bias) is often difficult. So when something isn't working, the first thing you do is check to see if you messed up. For example if trying to contact approach and you're not getting a response, but you can hear them, make sure you have the right radio selected to "mic". Not that I've ever done that or anything