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Tragedy during the Ski Jumping competition

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  • Tragedy during the Ski Jumping competition

    On January 20, 2007, a Czech Ski Jumper, Jan Mazoch, had a very scarry accident when jumping. The tournamnet was in Zakopane, Poland and was a part of the World Ski Jumping Season 2006/2007.

    Jan Mazoch fell jsut after the jump and hit the ram with his head loosing consciousness, and thene bouced few times untill stopping. He was immidiately transported to the local hospital in the city of Zakopane. Doctors say that his condition is critical. Docotrs claim taht there is an inside beeling of stoamch and skull plus other major interantl damages including head.

    Right now Mazoch is on his way to the specialsitic clinic in Krakow, south of Poland. Jumper is still unconsciuos and his condition is realy bad.

    Jan Mazoch was a Czech ski jumper. It was not his first tournament.

    The casue is said to be the strong wind that casued his right ski to move back while being in thr air. The second tour of the tounament was immidiately cancelled after the accident.

    Ski Jumping is a sport where jumpers jump form a ramp on theri skiis. They reach up to the speed of 100km/h during the jump. The length of the ramp varies from 60m to 180m. However longest jumps can be up to 240m !

    Zakopane is a city in Poalnd, in the south in mountains. It is part of the tournamnet to jump on the "Wielka Krokwia". There were not any major accidents in Zakopane yet until today...

    Also I know it might be just a coincidence, but if you go to Mazoch's site, and see the pics that were taken exactly the year before in Zakopane, before the tournament, you can see taht on all pics he is standing in front of an ambualnce....hmm weird isn't it ?

    Also I know this topic might be boring to you, or some moay say "wtf is ski jumping" but I am big fan of this sport.

    I hoep jan Mazoch will be getting better and taht he will sooner or later return to hsi carrer.

    Pics of the accident:

    And some pics for those who are not familir with this great winter sport:



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    If someone can find video of this crash I will give this thread 5 stars.


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        Originally posted by Messerschmitt Man
        If someone can find video of this crash I will give this thread 5 stars.
        Well that was nice.


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          Originally posted by Messerschmitt Man
          If someone can find video of this crash
          It's a Polish TV News. The tragic video is the first news there so yeah. I use winamp to open it :P

          Anyway that was a really horrible accident I will keep u up to date. Hope he will get better...

          Just please do not upload this pics or movie to any other site...(like orgish) please respect for family....

          Jan Mazoch just woke up from the coma. his conditions are still bad but his life is not at risk anymore.
          Doctors claim that the jumper suffered some internal damage as well as the external one - his right side of skull is really damaged.
          Good ot hear good news. Good luck to Jan again !!!

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   is still unknown what's going on with him but here is a story from (better than my neglsih translation):

            Mazoch appeared to lose control during his second jump in windy conditions at the World Cup event in Poland and he crash landed, his head impacting on the slope as he went down.

            "The injuries he sustained are very dangerous and threaten his life,'' Sylwester Kosinski, deputy head of the city hospital in Zakopane, said on TVN24 television.

            "The patient is unconscious. If his condition worsens, and if there is such a need, we will try to transport him to another hospital.''

            The severity of the accident forced the second round of the tournament to be postponed before the remainder was cancelled due to high winds.


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              I was watching that competition yesterday and most jumpers were having to abort their jump because of the wind, and then wait for it to settle again. I switched over to something else because of this so missed this incident.

              The same problem happened in Finland, I think, about a month ago. Luckily no-one was injured then.

              Hope Jan makes a full recovery, thay are a brave bunch the ski jumpers.