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Ségolène Royal snubs herself regarding Québec

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  • Ségolène Royal snubs herself regarding Québec

    French Politician defends Québec comments
    Royal sparked a diplomatic row on Monday by suggesting she is sympathetic to the idea of Quebec sovereignty after a short meeting with André Boisclair, the head of the separatist Parti Québécois.
    CBC Link to whole story

    Firstly, does this remind anyone of a certain Charles de Gaulle and his famous "Vive le Québec Libre!" speech? After making that speech at the Hôtel de Ville in Montréal, de Gaulle never returned to Canada. What the hell is wrong with French politicians making snide comments about Canadian sovereignty? Should a Canadian PM go to France and promote Basque independence, then there'll be chaos, but there seem to be so many French politocs that encourage dissolving a world power.