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Rabbie Burns' ode to English sport

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  • Rabbie Burns' ode to English sport

    With apologies to Rab on the (almost) anniversary of his birth.........

    Ye come up here tae Paradise tae beat us at your game
    A' wind and piss and full of' shit, yer a' the bloody same.
    Ye ca' yersels the champions, the Nation's most elite
    But Scotland are the champions ye've just been f.... beat!

    A game that wis invented, for English gentlemen.
    No' Highland Jocks wi' tartan frocks? Well bloody think again!
    A ba' that's shapit like an egg, it's just a stupit farse
    A suppose it maks it easier, tae ram right up yer arse.

    So git back hame and lick yer wounds, yer just a bunch o' fools
    Its time fur you tae cheat again, change the f....... rules.
    Rugby, fitba, cricket tae, yer just a shower o' chancers
    Stick tae whit ye dae best, you Morris F..... dancers