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    You know that is more than bits and bytes, don't you? So why was my statement silly?

    As for "dealing with Johan", I've never really dealt with him. I once wrote him an e-mail when non-av was down, got a not-so-amused answer, and replied to that. But I'm fine with him having been a little stressed out that only time I communicated with him, basically because of the situation.

    I don't consider it to be of my business whether he or anyone else makes money from any website I use for free. Instead, I appreciate those persons' efforts and live with the things I don't like, following the guideline of "to live and let live". Even if this may sound silly to you, it makes a lot of sense to me.


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      I felt the statement was silly because you reduced it to nothing more than an incorrect statement about hating a site. It's easy to discount the issues by attacking the messenger, but these issues are ones that many continue to complain about (or have given up complaining about and are now supporting other sites instead).

      As I stated above about the money, I too have no problems with getting money from a web site, what I had the issue with was his lies about making the money. That reduced a persons credibilty to zero. I do have to admit thought that I think that a site such as should acknowledge the users who build the site, particularly the photographers because with out the photographs the site is nothing. I don't believe it's to much to show a little respect to those people, something that Johan most certainly no longer does now he believes he is king of the poop pile with regards to aviation sites.

      The main reason you see people such as me making comments here is that Johan has restricted the ability of people to make comments over there, that's why I removed myself totally from the site. He banned me from using the forums because I forwarded a statement to him in private email, my email wasn't rude nor threatening and as such breached no rules that he has set on his site. Nor did I breach any forum rules yet I was restricted from making comments in his forums because I didn't suck up to the great Johan.

      Indeed, his response when one particular photographer removed his images for an entirely valid reason was to call the photographer childish even though the photographer had very valid reasons that he had been raising for over a year. Indeed, one of the screeners had proven beyond any doubt that another was far to heavy handed in rejections and yet no action was taken. You would think that if you had absolute proof of wrong doing then action would be taken, but no .... not over there. You are expected to just keep quiet and lump it, that's not respecting the users that keep the site running and popular.

      I guess in the big scheme of things it's easier to have formed a definite opinion when you are privy to the runnings behind the scenes .. I am mortified at the eMails that moved around about particular users and the attitudes of certain (small number) of crew members about users of the site and that's the reason why I am very negative about it.

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        I can't seem to get again. It keeps saying "HTTP 500 Internal server error" on Internet Explorer.

        Is it just my computer?
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          Probably is... but I'm guessing the most person is Mikecweb... get a load of his avatar! Gotta get something like that for me


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            Originally posted by Ilbap
            I can't seem to get again. It keeps saying "HTTP 500 Internal server error" on Internet Explorer.

            Is it just my computer?
            No, even I am getting the same response


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              I can't get it to come up either. 99% of the time it loads up like a champ the wonders of DSL, but I knew something was up when I couldn't get it to load up.


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                Yeah seems to be down again.


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                  Originally posted by ATLcenter
                  Probably is... but I'm guessing the most person is Mikecweb... get a load of his avatar! Gotta get something like that for me
                  I look at my friends pics on there thats it. And most of them have moved over to here.
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                    another way of getting there


                    It leads you to


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                      Lets keep this civilized. I had to delete some posts that were nothing but a waste of space and way too childish.
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                        I'm understanding more and more where you are coming from as each day passes.

                        My shots from the LTCC, are not welcome there apparently, baddouble and badmotiv.

                        So although while everyone agrees they are interesting, they are not " material".
                        Though 855 shots of BA A319s are and the inside of airport terminals, or the outside of towers are

                        Thank God there are now alternative sites who are interested in different things.
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                          You don't even know if it is the server! It could be any one of hundreds of routers along the way that could prevent you from getting to HIS server.