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  • KLM's version of logic

    Tuesday 13th. KLM's departure desk at FAJS, my daughter checks in as she is en route to Ireland via "Hamsterjam".

    Weighs suitcase and is told by the attendent "You are 4 Kgs overweight" - on a weight limit of 20 Kg's. Now my "logic" kicks in. I frequently fly BA and they have never complained about my +- 26 Kg's of luggage. The attendent says we have to pay the additional amount for the "overweight" suitcase. I pop over and find out that KLM want's an additional R1.2k (120 Euros). That's when I kind of "flipped". I do not mind paying an additional fee for overweight luggage but at those rates, I might as well have got a BA flight !!!!!

    OK, so here is where the "KLM logic" kicks in (I am now "discussing" this with the senior KLM check in person, who stoically refuses to budge on my request for leniency) - I mentioned that due to my efforts, on this flight I have 3 pax en route for Ireland and in 2 weeks time I will have 17 pax en route to Scotland all on KLM as they were the best deal going for our tour party and I was the one who influenced the useing of KLM - I thought that was a win/win deal.

    No chance, the stern and stoic lady just shook her head. Then she says - take out some luggage from the suitcase and put it in the hand luggage. Now this is where I point out some logic.

    So, the suitcase is 24Kg's and the hand luggage is 2Kg's, totalling 26Kg's. So we will now make the suitcase 20Kg's and the hand luggage 6Kg's (totalling 26Kg's) and this is now OK and I do not have to lash out additional cash. "Yes", she says.

    So, the net effect of the transaction is I can now take a total of 26Kg's at no additional charge. "Yes" she says. So WHY DO I HAVE TO UNPACK THE F&#*#ING SUITCASE AND REPACK AS HAND LUGGAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now this piece of logic does not compute in her opinion cos she says "The luggage weight allocated to the hold........" I subtlly interrupt - "Err, the DIMENTIONS of the suitcase, weather holding 20Kg's or 24Kg's does not change - it's the same suitcase". Oh no, that logic does not compute as well.

    Of course my daughter is taking in this conversation with some trepidation. Anyway, fortunatly the other two pax arrived and the combined weight of the three suitcases now totalled 61Kg's and was now allowed to be checked in at no additional charge - her 24Kg suitcase included.

    Am I missing something here ??????

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    What you are missing is that airlines nowadays are becoming very strict about their luggage policies because they want to get extra revenue.

    Probably, BA has a bigger luggage allowance than KLM.

    As for the split of the weight try Ryanair and you can take a 15Kg-suitcase and pay the usual fee but if you take 3 suitcases with 5kg each you'll have to pay much more, and forget about shared luggage.

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      Originally posted by RobinB
      Am I missing something here ??????
      Perhaps. Not sure how labour unions are in the Netherlands (I'd presume very strict and very popular), but when you carry baggage, you do just that: carry the baggage. When you check it, the baggage handlers have to carry it. The unions may have some sort of weight limit where the handlers get alotted more money if the baggage is over their set limit for carriage.
      Just a thought.


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        hahahaha...thats classic! they say they'll allow you the 26kgs if you take ex amount and carry it onboard, wtf is the difference between onboard and hand? it's still going on the plane!

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          Originally posted by Longreach747
          hahahaha...thats classic! they say they'll allow you the 26kgs if you take ex amount and carry it onboard, wtf is the difference between onboard and hand? it's still going on the plane!
          Hiya Mont - My EFFING logic exactly - it all goes on the same darn plane - in my opinon, nothing more than a subtle way of grabbing additional revenue - NO PROBLEM, next time, sod off KLM........

          PS: no doubt you are following the Aussies in their endevour to lift the Cricket World Cup - we are playing later on today - hence the working from home today..................


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            The CSA is simply playing by the rules. The luggage allowances are stated quite clearly at the time of booking. If you are over then you pay, simple as that. Be grateful you're not flying someone like Flybe who charge you for every piece of luggage and more for excess.

            The "logic" behind the moving stuff from bag to bag is simply to help you. She has her rules to go by, you have to follow them.

            I would also suggest that the staff don't like the rules much either, but if their computer system is similar to the one in use here, you can't simply "forget" the extra 4kgs as used to happen, the staff has to charge. Therefore she did you a favour by letting you transfer to your handbaggage. And before you go on about BA, they are just the same now. And I'm not sure but I think you'll pay £120 not Euro's if you are over with them. So KLM are NOT that bad.

            My wife is a load controller/CSA here and has been using the BA system for 6 years so she is pretty clued up on what is what. Just be warned, all of you. Airlines are jumping on the Excess Baggage bandwagon and you WILL be charged. Check your weight before you fly and don't overload!



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              There are several issues in dealing with overweight luggage -

              the top of the list is weight and is much easier for load planners to do weight and balance if dealing with more bags with less weight - example, you have two 50lb is easier to carry them 1 in each hand instead of both in 1 hand - same on the plane, the weight can be more easily distributed to help with fuel conservation..

              Another important issue is on the job injuries from overweight bags... Airlines, Unions, Governments, Insurance Companies etc are paying out millions and millions every year to rampers with injuries from heavier bags, if folks would leave their closet at home and only pack the essentials there would be less injuries during screening, loading and unloading..

              As for the baggage allowance - KLM allows 2 peices at 20kgs and BA allows coach 1 peice 23kgs without excess baggage charges so your folks travelling on KLM can carry alot more at no charge then they can on BA.


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                hehe I and my parents once had 20 Kilo´s overweight in total but we didn´t have to pay a snigle euro because or flight was too lait and we recieved free KLM tickets . Well all I can say Is : you knew you had overweigt and can could reduce the weight when you were pakking your suitcase in the first place.

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