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  • My cats

    That is Elsie

    That is Peek A Boo

    This is Binky

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    THey look like they all hate you for taking thier picture I gotta try and find a pic of my cat.


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      Love your cars. My girlfriend wants a cat. If (ahem, when) we get married, we'll get a cat. I prefer that cats grow up in traditional families.

      OK here's our cute little Poldi again...


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        What I meant to say was: I love your CATS not cars. Just look at how close the "R" and the "T" are away from each other... an honest mistake.

        btw, what kind of cars do you have...


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          The one on the chair is Wally. He's like a dog. He'll come whenever you call his name. And he can tell if you ask him a question by the tone of your voice and will answer with a meow. Especially if you use his name in the question. He's getting pretty old, but he's extremely friendly.

          The one on the ground is Hulin, but I call her Satan. She is evil. She is actually about to attack Wally because his tail is moving. She's still a kitten, so anything that moves, whe thinks needs to die. One time while I was home for christmas, I was walking out to the kitchen at about 3AM to get something to drink. I was only wearing a pair of shorts and she climbed up to my shoulder using my legs, shorts, and then back. Definately not the most fun I've had. On the upside, she's the first cat we've had that actually uses the cat toys we get for her because she thinks they need to die when they move


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            My dad drives a Lexus IS200 Sport with 17" Alloy Wheels, Climate Control, Rear tinted windows, rear spoiler, 6 disc changer and leather/suede interor
            Yeah they sell the Lexus here in Germany too. I think they come with the 3 liter engine as an option. They even have a "station wagon" or "estate" version too. I always liked cars from Toyota and Lexus. Sadly, they have a bit of an image problem here (people tend to stick to BMW and Mercedes and shy away from Japanese products). But slowly they are becoming more and more recognized as the refined, sophisticated cars that they are.


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              This is my cat in full winter mode

              This is my cat after a visit to the vet, although note that she now refuses to look at the camera.

              Cats are simply hissy fits wrapped in fur coats!

              No makeovers please .....


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                What the heck happened to you cat!!??!!? Was it the result of sitting too close to your old sneakers?? I noticed those old shoes made it's eyes turn green!


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                  We have two Guinau Pigs, Rodney and Sootster, there pretty cool, When we open the back door in the morning they both sqweek and they do it when you call there name as well! I'll post a pic of them soon.