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  • So the Canadians can..

    ROCK!!!!!! or at least, Choke can.

    For a while, I have had one of their songs which i loved, from reading reviews and from the song i put them on my "to buy" list. Less than a week ago i got around to ordering one of their CDs having no luck finding them here in NZ. It arrived this morning. Well, even if every review says their music is diverse and everchanging, it doesnt prepare you.

    If you like your music to change so you dont have 3 bits chucked in a predicable order but to be filled with intensly complicated riffs, with the whole song changing, Choke are for you. They put more in one 2-minute song than many of todays artists put in a 40 minute album.

    I am in love, and it was an hour from getting their first album to ordering their second.
    Sam Rudge
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