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Got Rid Of The Range Rover

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    Originally posted by G-DALE
    James, I can smell jelousy *sniffs*.... and you stink of it

    Come back to me in 10 years time when you can actually afford to insure a Scooby. In the meantime you might wanna actually think about getting your own insurance and start building up an NCB rather than driving around in a company car all week

    I aint jealous, i'm RS6 is way out of my league so although it's a nice car i'm not really interested in it. If I really, really wanted a hot car i'd go down to a dealership and buy one. The reality is that I can't afford to run one, simple as.


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      Is that the Isle of Grain in the background Shaggy?



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        Sure is Manx
        Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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          Originally posted by pkonowrocki
          I know. Now I'm not critising Shaggy's new ride csoe its nice and hot, but for me putting an "RS" on a combi is just not cool... I mean it's like buying a body kit for a van...comon let the RSs be the sedans and coupes and avants be the normal avants that families use for shopping...I mean why would anybody pull 260km/h on a track in an avant ?
          I dont mind as long as it has the performance to match the name and exterior enhancements. Its kind of like the R63 by Mercedes. Its a complete family hauler that youd never want to drive fast, but its still a cool car.